I read an opinion piece today in the New York Times about how we are all to busy and how it stifles creativity and generally makes our lives miserable. I’m 100% in agreement. Building and living in this house has made me very busy with no light at the end of the tunnel, seemingly leading to irreversible detriment of my sanity, health and happiness, not to mention my bank account.

When I’m not whiling away the fragmented remains of my career during the day I spend my free time guilting myself into doing task after task ad nauseam, with the distant fictitious hope that someday it will all be done and I can concentrate on the real meat of life like drinking for pleasure (not necessity), working on art, and (gasp) spending time with the family.

I truly bring this down upon myself do it’s little surprise I get zero sympathy from any other breathing organism on the planet.

“Yes, ‘Self Pity’. Party of one.”

The painter finally called back. Having secretly come out last week to evaluate the situation he came back with an estimate of over $7500 un-budgeted dollars to stain the cedar siding. If you recall we were going to let the siding weather to a cool grey color like it does on shake siding in those neat architecture books and mags. Well one of our builders recommended against leaving the cedar un-sealed. Water penetration would eventually loosen up the caulk joints and the boards in general would start to flex seasonally and just be a big mess. So we’re looking at what our translucent color options are including a light grey. We could clear coat it and save a grand. That’s an option but we’d have to re-coat every 5-10 years at the cost of about $6000. Ouch. We shoulda but baby fur seal pelts on our exterior – they’d weather nicely I suspect plus they are waterproof. Sadness.

One good thing is they are coming out to paint the porch which means I’ll be able to start on the screens soon. Yay! A new task for my “to-do” list. Joy!

The painter laughed at me then begged me not to caulk the porch joints myself. He said he did such a nice job on the rest of the house he’d hate to see me ruin it. He’s probably right. Now I have 12 tubes of caulk to return.

We found a neat online wholesale nursery in Tennessee where we can buy shrubs and perennials at a fraction of what we’d pay at a garden center. We basically can finish the front beds and some of the back beds for about $900 including shipping. This is for about 350 perennials and I bet about 75 shrubs. Amazing pricing but we need to verify our needs and what we want to get in this fall. The nursery is nice too cause they have our New Jersey Tea shrubs we’ve been looking for.

Of course if we got all these plants, on top of the 50 or so waiting to be planted this week, we, namely I, would be extremely busy. I’m guessing winter can’t get here soon enough. That would at least kill outdoor tasks. As of right now my list includes, in no particular order – plants (buying and planting), yard grass (plant), garage door trim, painting porches, painting house, screen porch material buy and install, fix water leak by grading cistern, clean up construction waste in yard, pressure wash house, work on art and sell it to pay for all this nonsense, finish cabinets, buy a new wheel barrow tire…and I’m sure there’s a lot more. By the end of it I’ll be bankrupt and have a foot in the grave so I hope it’s worth it.

I’ll put “stop being busy” on my resolution list for next year”. For now though I just don’t have the time.

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