Echinacea purpurea

Tonight I took advantage of a window of opportunity between storms, (and after dinner) to get a jump on the weekend’s planting chores.  In less than an hour I breezed through about seven Green Velvet Boxwoods and a dozen Purple Coneflowers.  Coneflowers are my personal favorite flower.  They are great for bees, and butterflies.  We can even make herbal tea and oils for medicinal use.  Yay! Another useful natural native plant.  So far we got all ours from Lowes for $3 in an end of the season sale.  The only coneflower specified for our plan is the Purple variety.  Eventually I’ll probably sneak in some others somewhere else on the property.  If you visit definitely keep an eye out for them; I’m sure I’ll gladly show them off….maybe even divide some for you to take home once they are big enough.

Here you can see the Boxwoods, Daisies and the newly planted Coneflowers.

The perennial beds include a variety of flowering perennials.  Beside the coneflowers some of the beds will have Goldenrods too.   The plan is to order them from that Tennessee nursery place I was telling you about.  Well we were looking around, and while we are pretty stupid with our money, and the TN place is super cheap, even we aren’t that dumb….we’be got Goldenrods coming out of our ass basically….they are all over the front meadow.  I’ll start transplanting individual plants tomorrow into the beds.  I’m pretty sure they are all the same type of plants.  If not, close enough in my mind, at least for now.  We can always change them out later.

We need to expand our front bed before I can plant the rest of the Boxwoods. We tried to make it smaller and do something with the cistern tops but I don’t know now. So I’ll haul soil over and work it over tomorrow. To haul soil I need to buy or fix the wheel barrow tire. Ugh.

View of front bed with Brilliant Red Chokeberries and Mt. Airy Forthergilla in the foreground. You can see the Goldenrods I’m going to try to transplant in the meadow in the background.

The wife bought some interesting bug spray at Target.  Below is a picture of the All Terrain Herbal Armor bug spray bottle.  It’s all natural and deet free which is great for little kids.

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