Grass, Tennessee, Paint and Drink the Water

The grass we planted last week is popping  up in the front yard.

grass is growing

Outside the painters are done painting the front porch and back porch columns.  Now I can run out to Home Depot and get our Screen Tight screen porch system and install it.  I’ll need to get a screen door too.  I should have the porch wrapped up just in time for Winter, of course.


Beyond that, there’s not much else going on.  I’m going to get back into the art studio and attended my first Biomimicry meeting in over a year, so it’s nice house stuff is winding down or at least there’s not much left to do until the coffers are refilled.  I did get an update that the bushes we ordered will be shipping as soon as temperatures in Tennessee moderate to the 70’s, hopefully later this month or early next.  Speaking of Tennessee I had to go there for work and found the state to be most agreeable.  Memphis was so so but Nashville looked like a great town.  We spent the day visiting retail and had lunch downtown.  Was cool that most of the restaurants downtown have country music singers and musicians playing, even on a Wednesday at lunch time.  Presumably they are all starving artists and based on what we heard we’ll have no shortage of good country music for years to come.

One thing I thought of during my Biomimicry meeting today, after watching a biologist give a presentation on human waste was that one advantage of the rain water system is the there are no pharmaceuticals in our water, unlike city (or even well and bottled) water.  Pharmaceuticals enter the system through human waste and pills flushed down the toilet.  There are many that just can’t be filtered out of the water.  Studies have indicated that pharmaceuticals in the water could be the reason kids are maturing physically earlier and altering hormones in all of us, which in turn can lead to an array of health problems. Granted we still have mercury and other air contaminants from coal power plants and other air pollution sources, but everyone has those as well.  Despite the water pressure issues, air pollution concerns and the need for the boys to take fluoride additives, I’m really warming up to the fact that we have a rain water system supplying our fresh water needs.

Ok, just a short post.  Catch you later.

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