Studio Plumbing Moved

Happiness this week is in the form of the plumbing in the upstairs studio is finally moved.  This means that I can finish up the cabinets.  The hot and cold water lines were inexplicably just poking out of the side wall, so I had them moved by a pro to go back behind the knee wall and resurface inside the sink base.  There was some debate as to whether the lines were in a freeze prone zone, but I contend that there is enough insulation behind the knee wall, in the roof and floor, and the heat ducts run through there, as well as an access panel that the space should be considered conditioned space from a thermal standpoint.  If it gets below thirty-two degrees in there then I have serious thermal issues, frozen water pipes would be the least of my worries.  Just to be safe the plumber used flexible water lines that are more forgiving to temperature changes than the yellowish white PVC plumbing pipes. Once complete the sink will be a great addition to the studio so our resident upstairs artists will be able to clean brushes, make coffee and water down apple juice.

I’ll have to patch up this drywall before the cabinet goes in. You can see the transition here from rigid white PVC plumbing pipes into the fancy less rigid hot and cold water lines. The fancy pipe is less prone to damage from temperature changes.

















here are the chrome tipped water lines emerging into the sink base. As soon as I finish installing the cabinets and countertop we’ll install the new sink in the studio.


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