Door Knobs

Tonight I decided my chore would be to finally put knobs on the hall closet doors upstairs.  You probably don’t remember but the four hallway doors are actually custom-made hollow masonite doors that are flush mounted and painted to match the walls.  Eventually we’ll hang art on the doors and walls and have a sort of art gallery upstairs.

I bought some simple wood knobs at Lowes a while back.  Each knob came with two heavy-duty wood screws.  After opening up a knob package I figured out that neither screw was long enough to go through the door panel.  Well since the doors are hollow I simply drilled a small hole in the front face and a larger hole in the back face.  The larger hole would allow me to pass the screw through the back panel entirely and through the front panel into the door knob.  Smartly I realized in advance the little screw would be buried in the door once I passed it through the back hole….there’d be no way to hold it on the tip of the drill, even a magnetic tip, and the screw would fall into the door panel and be lost forever.  So I took some Scotch tape and adhered the screw to the drill bit.  Wow I’m smart….

wood screw taped to drill bit so it won’t fall into hollow door panel. Yes I thought this up all on my own.

It worked like a charm and in no time flat my first knob was on.  I only grabbed one knob so I hunted for the bag with the other three knobs.  Lo and behold wouldn’t you know it, I’m smarter than myself.  I actually bought long wood screws that I should have used.  So on the next door I tried my fancy countersunk wood screws.  Well as soon as the countersink hit the back panel of the door it creaked and popped the door panel a tad bit…. On second thought I’ll thought I’d stick with plan A which was really plan B though at the time I thought it was plan A….anyway.  So I taped another baby wood screw on my drill and tried to find the hole in the front panel.  Sure enough after a twist my screw bit emerged sans screw.  The screw was firmly at rest…at the bottom of the inside of the door.  Sigh, lost a screw.

After that though I got two more knobs on.  I’ll have to pick up a baby heavy duty wood screw and wrap up the last one next time I go to the store.

door knob on, see door stratification in case you wanna make your own door. Hardwood perimeter, 1/2″ mdf up front, 1/4″ masonite on back side. cheap wood knob to be painted wall color.

gallery doors done.

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