Hydrangea quercifolia

Unpacked, this is how our bushes looked upon arrival. They are bare root so there”s just plant, no dirt or bucket. They were bundled by species and included a lot of extra plants.

Our plants finally showed up from Tennessee on Wednesday.  They showed up bundled in a burlap wrap, with plastic around their roots.  The nursery we got them from ships them “bare root”.  This means there’s no dirt or bucket; the roots are dipped in a special preservative that protects them during shipping.  The dormant plants should then leave up in the Spring.  Some were very small, while others had a fair amount of branches.  We’re most skeptical about the Witch Hazels which were really small, but eventually grow up to be really big bushes.  The Red Bud trees were the largest, but even they weren’t much larger than the other bushes.  Additionally we got all our New Jersey Tea plants that we needed, which is great cause we couldn’t find them at our local garden centers or nurseries.  In fact the guys at the “big” northeast Ohio garden center hadn’t even heard of them and therefore assumed they weren’t native to Ohio. Well they are native to Ohio.

What we got the most of were Oak Leaf Hydrangeas.  Offhand we needed about seven.  When you order from TN Tree Nursery you typically buy 3 get 2 free.  Well I ordered 6, got 4 free, and then must have got another 4-6 free.  These are great plants with nice white flowers and the potential to grow very tall.  We’ll mind them accordingly, but look forward to seeing them in the garden.  In addition to planting them where our architect indicated, I planted the extras along the driveway in clusters of three, buffering some of the vacancies created when we were building.

Not much else is happening.  We’re busy working in the studios.  Between regular work, art and house / yard work I’m pretty much running around 16-18 hours a day doing something.  We have been using our fireplace and it burns pellets fairly quickly, we’ve gone through one and a half bags of pellets already.  We have not used the furnace yet.

Speaking of the studio, I got a tv mounted to the wall so I can watch my movies while doing my art, so that is very nice for me.  My boys enjoy being in the studio more now too since cartoons are now a viable viewing option.  The photo lights are now set up too so we can photograph our artwork as we finish it.  My studio, like the rest of the house, is starting to look like a gravel pit of stuff strewn about.

Yay, I can watch tv while working on art.

Here I bolt the tv bracket into a wall stud. I plastered over the test holes that I created in my search for the stud.

Studio already looks like a train wreck of crap…oh well no time to clean, gotta get back to work.

Photo shoot!

The wife framed a branch from the Black Walnut tree the grew in the back yard of our old house. It now hangs proudly in my studio.

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