Fall Photo Tour

What a great fall weekend we had.  Saturday was cool but remained dry so that meant I could get outside and wrap up a few chores.  After painting all morning in my studio I jumped outside after lunch.  As the warming rays of sun peaked down at me I stood in the driveway studying the garage door trim.  It sat there tacked up just as it has all year.  See the garage door trim fell victim of self building a house.  None of the trades claimed responsibility so it fell upon yours truly to finish it off.  So in lieu of working on art or playing with my kids, another “fun” chore for me on my “day off”.

The trim around the garage door is actually a vinyl weather-stripping with a molded in wood  grain and a flexible strip on the back-end to keep snow out of the garage in the winter.  I removed each piece and ran a bead of clear silicon caulk down the center of the trim strip.  I then nailed them in place, starting with the top one and then the two side pieces.  For whatever reason, not enough nails or sitting undone for so long, the strips bowed out in-between where the nails were.  Luckily I was able to locate a box of 1-1/2″ galvanized nails, after digging grumpily through the garage.  I nailed up extra nails and that seemed to make everything look peachy.  I bent a few nails but generally all went well; I think I only used the “F” word one time which is pretty good for me over the course of an hour house project.  I then ran a bead of white latex caulk over the entire seam of the weather-stripping and the wood garage door opening trim.  The spouse was very happy to see this task completed, as the bowing tacked up weather-stripping had bothered her for some time.

What was bothering me for some time was the big pile of lumber just off the driveway.  After the garage trim was done I starting picking through the pile.  I decided to stack it all nicely over by my “raw materials” storage area, by the top soil and pile of branches.  We have a bunch of treated 1×8 trim boards that were supposed to be for the deck…for whatever reason they never got used when the deck was finished.  Not sure what I’ll use those for.  Also left over from the deck project were a ton of five quarter deck boards.  These I think I will use…in my head I have a design for a “loft” in the garage above my work bench.  I’ll have to buy framing materials, but I can lay these boards down as the floor of the loft.  Will be very nice, and then we’ll have a place to store bins full of our crap.

Also in the pile where were some crummy old pieces of plywood that will be slated for the trash or fire pile (yes I know I shouldn’t burn this stuff…so we’ll see….pitting my laziness against my common environmental sense is always an interesting match).  There were three 4×8 sheets of cement board siding material mixed in with the plywood as well.  I’ll tell you two things about these 1/2″ thick sheets – they are heavy to carry around, and they crack if you drop them.  Actually they sort of shatter.  Being cement board I don’t think they’ll ever rot, but frankly I’m not sure what I’d use them for.  They were either left over from siding the house (board and batten sections) or from covering up the blue foam under the porches.  Either way one sheet was cracked and I cracked another when I dropped it.  Maybe I’ll take a hammer to them and toss them in the trash but for now they’re in the surplus pile.  Could use them if I make a shed or green house.  Who knows.

Was nice to get the wood pile straightened up and under tarp for the coming Winter.  I also officially packed the garage by putting the remainder of the flower pots and gardening paraphernalia in there, as well as a hand me down chipper; so suffice to say the garage needs organizing.   That’s why god invented “next weekend” right.

It was such a nice day I took the opportunity to take a walk with my camera around the property.  There are so many great things to see on the land that getting some time off to walk around is a real treat.  The last time I took a photo walk was in the Winter during construction.  Fall proved to be just as nice and obviously a lot different.  The land is just flooded in a variety of colors and the leaves falling in the breeze add a nice dynamic touch.  I really like the driveway as it becomes covered in leaves.  The charcoal, brown and white house color scheme really pops too against the Autumn backdrop.  The whole experience is well worth the price of admission.  Without further ado, here are some pictures from the day.

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