Literally not much going on at the homestead front and that’s just the way I like it, and the way I’ve been working towards it being for some time now.  Off the top of my head I can’t think of one chore that involves any urgency.  Technically the only things I have to do involve some general maintenance …like test the water and change a filter.  The garage needs organizing to make room for another car before the snow flies.  Other than that everything else can wait until the mood strikes.  This frees up time to work on art, write books, play or just be lazy.

Christine did an awesome job picking up the house today to prep for our latest guest who visited us all the way from Australia.  So the first “foreigner” to visit the homestead.  We were going to have a larger gathering but with sick kid we backed off to just a quick look around type tour.  We had a nice visit and talked a little about similarities and differences between houses here and there; we have basements and lofts for example.  Also this type of house with this much land near Melbourne would cost in the millions, so we’ve got a relative bargain for less than a million here in Northeast Ohio.

The deer are crawling around the yard all the time now.  Except of course when our guest wanted to see one.  We saw one on the road when we were leaving the valley but that’s not the same as seeing them in the yard like it was a zoo.  We talked about other animals too, and I’m glad we only have ticks in our woods instead of poisonous snakes everywhere.

We’re still on track with not using the furnace yet.  Today was a downright gorgeous fall day outside.  We’re trying to hold out until November 1st at the earliest to use the furnace.  We’ll see.  Also looking at ways to cut back expenses and start amp-ing up the art business by revamping the website.  We’ll keep the world posted and share a link so people can start buying art.  Have to support my sustainability habit somehow, right.  We’ve been here six months so I will think about recording our utility usage and bills to track our energy consumption and costs.  See if all this insulation is working for us.

Oh one other thing, if anyone needs a giant fixed panel window let me know.  I’m thinking I want to get rid of that large left over one in the garage and I hate to throw it out.  Maybe I’ll check with Habitat for Humanity or try and offload it with an online ad…..wonder if I could sell it on eBay…..Don’t ask me why but this is the crap I think of when I don’t have any chores on my task list.  Idle hands are the neurotic’s workshop or something like that.

Okay, I’m rambling and need sleep.  If anything exciting happens I’ll let you know.  If not I’ll bore you with sustainability, design or random non-sense.  Talk to ya later.

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