Storm of the Century

Okay so as if all the political ads and build up wasn’t enough the media is going on and on about the end of the world, “Storm of the Century” stuff with the “hurricane” that’s going to barrel through the region on Monday / Tuesday.  Actually it’s nice to have a diversion from the politics. Maybe all the politicians Washington D.C. will be wiped clean and we’ll have to start all over from scratch.

Already today we got a bunch of rain, unrelated to the hurricane.  So any additional rain will be unwelcome.  80% chance of rain for the next four days.  We’ve got the regular puddles outside but there isn’t much I can do until the weather gets better.  I’ll have to dig some trenches and possibly lay down some pipes to encourage better drainage of the site.  They didn’t do too bang up of a job in grading our property in front, but so far it’s not bad enough to be causing any short term headaches.  With all this rain we have no worries from a water supply standpoint.  I may even change the water filter tomorrow to get pressure back up and then take a super long hot shower.  Eco unfriendly? Check.  Self indulgent excess?  Check.  Me not give a rats ass at this point? Check.

We do have our fingers crossed that the sump pump performs well all week.  My fix around the cistern seems to be working well as we haven’t gotten any water in the basement since I “fixed” the problem.  Inside we’re staying warm.  Mid week was in the 80’s temperature wise outside so we could even open windows.  Now we’re in the 40’s so the fireplace is coming back on.  Looks like I’ll reach our goal of not using the furnace yet as of Nov. 1st.  Do we dare set our sights on December 1st?

Today was pretty neat outside, we had a bunch of visitors.  I lot of deer in the morning and then late morning we got a flock of turkeys.  We’d seen their tracks but today I finally got a photograph.  They were huge and mingling around my berry bushes.  It’s amazing how close the animals get to the house.  It must be so quiet outside that they barely know the house is there.  We really love living in concert with nature as best we can.  We are more fortunate than most in my opinion and we appreciate it.  It’s great for the boys to be able to see and witness nature and all her beauty first hand.  I hope it ingrains a sense of appreciation and respect for the natural world that is quite frankly lacking in today’s world.

Enjoy some pics.  And stay dry.

2 thoughts on “Storm of the Century

  1. aaaahhh – congrats, grasshopper – the critters have accepted you in THEIR neighborhood! Respect for Animals: one of THE most important life lessons, imo. how fortunate your children are to experience such sights!


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