Tropical Depression

Alas Mother Nature wins again. Because of the hurricane the wife thought the prudent thing to do was get the house upto temperature by turning the furnace on….just three days shy of my November 1st goal.

I spent yesterday in the rain battening down the hatches. Tonight we find ourselves being pelted with the constant drone of 35 mph winds, which aren’t bad compared to the east coast. The rain has been constant. The trench I dug in the back yard has served us well in draining the sculpture garden of excess water. The puddle in the front yard has turned into a small pond. The sump pump is humming along but holding; steadfastly standing sentinel against the constant precipitation that want to flood out basement and ruin two and a half tons of crap we have stored down there.

Outside our first casualty was the rain barrel which blew over. I released its valve earlier which was a mistake. Had I left it full of water it would have kept to its perch.

The wind is not overly loud downstairs, a little louder upstairs. This is one of the pluses of 10″ thick walls, sound insulation. The 16″ thick roof also insulates any potential sound from rain on the steel roof. Overall the house feels solid. Our four year old was worried that the house was going to blow over, having heard me describe the rain barrel exiting stage right just moments ago. I assured him that “uncle Kevin built him a really strong house, so no worries.” That seemed to do the trick and netted me a smile and a hug so win win.

I do hear bumps in the night but there isn’t much I can do. I’m not going out there. Ill assess the situation in the morning as she’ll hold her temperature through the night and her exterior should be able to weather the storm.

So in the grand scheme as long as we’re safe it’s all fixable and I shouldn’t be too depressed about not reaching my Nov. 1st furnace goal. At least were not getting 3′ of snow like West Virginia nor did our basement flood (yet) like a friend of ours did….or worse as has surely happened across this part of the hemisphere as a result of this storm.

Stay safe.

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