Snow Rails and Fireplace Review

We had an art show this weekend so not much has been getting done around the house.  Outside the snow rails were installed and they look fantastic.  Just as I’d imagined, these little horizontal pieces of metal add a nice subtle design element to the outside, encouraging the eye to move horizontally across the roof.  They add a small degree of welcomed industrial-ness to the look of the structure.  Functionally speaking they’re meant to keep snow on the roof until it melts, preventing from big piles of the stuff from falling on you or me or anyone else.

here you can see the snow rails on the garage

here you can see the snow rails on the garage

Primarily this is to show you the snow rails but I just noticed in this photo... I want to say there is a thermal issue with the roof...on this frosty day it seems like I can see the interior partitions telecasting themselves to the surface of the roof.  I'll have to look into it.

Primarily this is to show you the snow rails but I just noticed in this photo… I want to say there is a thermal issue with the roof…on this frosty day it seems like I can see the interior partitions telecasting themselves to the surface of the roof. I’ll have to look into it.

I’m looking at the photographs I took with my iphone on a frosty morning last week.  I was capturing pictures of the roof snow rails for the blog but it looks like I caught something else in my picture.  No, not bigfoot, but something just as disturbing.  As far as I can tell I can see the ghostly image of my interior wall positions being transmitted visually into the roof.  Basically the wall sections are or aren’t holding the roof frost as well as the non-wall sections.  You can see this in just about every normal cookie cutter house built across America.  The hot air inside warms up the roof and escapes out instead of being held inside the house.  Next time it snows, watch the snow melt on your roof, if it’s poorly insulated you can see the rafters.

Now I don’t know if this is actually what I’m seeing. Just like bigfoot, I don’t have any proof but it’s piqued my interest enough that I need to analyse it this winter.  At some point I’ll get a heat gun out and meter the roof to see what’s going on.  If need be I’ll get the insulation guy back out and see if something needs to be fixed.  Stay tuned.

I had a some questions come into the blog regarding our Quadrafire EDGE 60 fireplace.  We chose this unit because Christine wanted a fireplace look instead of a wood burning stove aesthetic for the family room.  This EDGE 60 is the only pellet burning appliance that  is built into the wall like a fireplace that I know of.  The unit is about 30″ deep, and we mounted ours about a foot into the room.  The remainder lives inside our 10″ thick walls and about a foot sticks out into the screen porch.  We build a framed “box” floor to ceiling and mounted the fireplace on an internal platform about ten inches off the floor.  The part inside the family room is finished in cultured stone.  The part outside is covered in regular house trim.  The chimney is built to manufacturer specs and housed in a wooden framed chase that routes out the top of the house.  None of the chimney is outside except the metal bits up top on the exterior.

our EDGE 60

our EDGE 60

How do we like it?  We love it.  I don’t know if Quadrafire makes them still, their website didn’t list it the last time I looked.  And it’s a pricey unit but we really are happy with ours.  We used it this Fall and it puts out a lot of heat, evenly and effectively.  I was worried it’d dry out the dining room table ’cause it’s so close but the blower shoots the heat out of the top of the unit.  So if you need a quick fix of heat, stand in front of it otherwise sit back and enjoy the even heat distribution.

It’s easy to fill up the hopper on top of the unit with hardwood pellets and looks like the hopper will hold two bags if you wanted to. The front door opens easily with a simple latch.  It’s matte black finish stays relatively clean and can be wiped down with a damp cloth if need be. Clean up is easy, there’s an ash tray below to empty out.  Inside the components are easy to remove and sweep out.  An attachment set for my shop vac is on my xmas list, that would make the job easier, but for now we’re okay with regular shop vac nossle cleaning.

The thermostat is simple to use and controls everything.  Ours is mounted across the room from the unit.  The family room tends to be the warmest room in the house.  The fireplace requires setting the thermostat 2-3 degrees more than the current temp.  It’ll then shut itself off after it reaches the set temperature. I’m sure there’s a manual mode but we use it this way.  The ambiance isn’t over the top like a real fireplace, more appliance like than anything, but you do see flame and it’s a welcome member of the family.  I don’t think you can go wrong with an EDGE 60 in your home.

4 thoughts on “Snow Rails and Fireplace Review

  1. I was so happy to see your pictures and read your comments. Fall of 2014 and we are now purchasing an Edge 60 at a very very great price from a dealer moving to a new location and downsizing. Of course the great price is also because these models are discontinued. Quadra Fire was onto something when they made this product with it’s flat front and modern sleek simple lines. The drawback for most consumers is that it will not work as a fireplace pellet stove insert. It’s just to big. This model is for a new build or tear down rebuild type situation. If they would make this look and be able to fit it into a fireplace insert sized space then I think the would have a good selling insert. I think I saw the gas inserts and was in love with their modern look. I was devastated to find I couldn’t get that look on a pellet stove insert. The Edge 60 is my answer. BUT I am sure I’m not the standard consumer as I have a log cabin with a large masonary dog box area on the outside of the logs. When we built our house we just didn’t know what we wanted in that space so we did the prep work innards large and then sealed it off till we could figure it out later. Well it’s 7/ 8 yrs later and time to say bye bye to those old stinking big Gas man bills. I’m so glad I saw your comments and pictures. You have just made me feel much more confident that I’m making a sound purchase. (FYI..I’m paying half the original retail price so I am thrilled)


    • Awesome. Glad we could help. We love our Edge 60. And it is a shame they discontinued them. Congrats on the good deal you got. You’ll enjoy it for many years to come.


      • Chris. So we did get a great price and bought stone online and that ended up being my job the stone and mantle staining (and beating it up a little). All of that was a bit time consuming. One thing I would change is I would have lowered the pellet stove since the air Is coming out the top. Our ceilings are 26 ft high in the great room. We leave the ceiling fans on low during the chilly months and the great room and the two upstairs bedrooms stay evenly toasty warm. Yes to bad this was discontinued. We love our quadra Fire The Edge 60. I bought a BAD ASH 2 VAC. It does a great job of keeping it nice and clean.

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