Come here.” I say, looking at the three foot tall blonde kid on the other side of the doorway.

What you gonna do?” his response, peering into his bedroom from the hall.  Next to him his not so terrible little brother, with matching blonde hair, plays with a truck and makes motor sounds.

Stand here.” I point. “Stand real straight okay…..okay I’m done.”  His mother, two steps away, provides approving oversight.

Can I have your pencil?” he asks inquisitively.

Hold on you’re brother is next.” I say walking in to the other bedroom. “Alright little guy…” He smiles up at me and tries to mimic big brother as best he can.  “Good job little guy.” I say with a smile. I’m repaid with a toothy grin.

Pencil dad?

Yeah… you go.” I hand over the half used yellow No. 2.

Whatcha gonna do with that?”  He says inquisitively looking with wonder, as only a four year old could, at the tool in my hand.

Makin’ notches.

Last week I made two minor adjustments to our new house.  All I needed was a pencil and a utility knife. I’d meant to make the adjustments last month so they’d be more accurate, or rather more timely, but you know how life goes….always something to do….something to get in the way of chores.





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