And just like that another holiday season is essentially over, save for one more party night to celebrate the first day of the new year, which is a relatively uneventful happening in our home.  All the preparation, planning, participating…..drinking, eating, sharing…..all over.  I purposefully started listening to Christmas music starting the day after Thanksgiving.  I ran our on Black Friday and bought stuff.  I bought stuff online and in stores.  I went out with friends for beers.  Treated co-workers to lunch.  Drove around and looked at lights.  Visited family daily since Saturday. For all intents and purposes I did it all.  I’m sure you did as well, or at least as much as one was willing in your case.  But alas it still ends.

I sit quietly on the couch typing away, sipping my wine.  The last of the Christmas movies plays on the television.  One boy has succumbed to holiday slumber….the other still goes like the Energizer bunny, even at the nine o’clock hour.  I swear he’s like a verbal shark….were he to stop talking he’d drown or something just like a shark needs to swim all the time.  Well regardless I’m grateful for having them both.  And while they got way too many presents, I can overlook the commercialization of their childhood resting assured they still are smitten by the simplest of gifts (wires and a big teddy bear) and the most natural of sights (deer in the yard).  Like everything in life, balance is the secret to success.  I think I did a decent job tolerating the more unpleasant points of the season.  And I think I’m getting smart enough to know when to cut and run, remembering life’s too short.  Anyway I ramble forth….

From a practical standpoint I received some new goodies from Santa and the family to help me with my home projects.  Namely a new cordless drill set which will be really handy installing cabinets.  My current cordless drill was on its last legs and ready for the trash heap (not sure how you recycle a drill).  I also got a set of new screwdrivers which I desperately needed because my kid took, and subsequently lost, all the screwdrivers I had previously save for two or three of them.  Finally I received a table saw which I have a bunch of uses for.  This is a new tool I’ve never had before so I look forward to carving some real estate in the garage for it next to the miter saw.  I’ll be building those shelves in my studio in no time…..late winter project for me!

But the most important things I have I didn’t receive this holiday season but I’ve had for some time now.  And I’m grateful for it all.  My wife and I are blessed with wonderful kids.  The kids and I are blessed with their wonderful mother who lovingly takes care of them and  nurtures them….I’m amazed everyday by their wonder, curiosity and the joy they bring to us, and everyone they meet.  I’m also blessed with this beautiful home we moved into this year.  Celebrating the holidays here was a real treat and hopefully one to remember for many years to come.

Look, I’m far from the most delightful person to be around, but deep down inside I try to remain real and reflect on what matters most.  I am thankful this holiday season for everything everyone does for me; and all the people out there that put up with me throughout the year.  Without others I am only a fraction of what I could be.  Life is a precious commodity that is easily taken for granted, far too often.  Within each of us is a light and a story, much of which is hopefully yet to be seen.  It’s something I think about often.

I wish you all the best in the coming day, week, year….and I look forward to what comes next.  And making sure I spend time looking back as well.

Go out and do something remarkably good, no worries if no remarks though.

God bless.

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