Painting Day

[Note this post was supposed to publish Sunday but a glitch forced it to post today, my apologies – the mgmt.]

Saturday was “Painting Day” in our house.  I had grand visions of getting most of the painting done in one day.  Turns out by time we got the family room done at 6pm I said “no more” and we ended up taking Sunday off.  What we did get done though was two coats of “Resort Tan” from our Global Spice color palette on our Dining Room and Family Room walls.

We really like the earthy color as it warms the room up and spiritually ties us to the earth outside.  It’s really dark though and we got used to the white walls from a luminance standpoint.  Bad for the environment ’cause we have to turn more lights on, but wow it really made the room look “grown up” and designerly.  I wouldn’t change it.  Another added bonus is the stone on the fireplace really pops now color wise.  It was like the white walls de-saturated the colors.  Now one can really see the oranges, yellows, greys and browns in the stone and the combination is brilliantly cohesive.  The white trim really pops too, adding shadow and dimension to the 10″ thick window surrounds that was missing before.

Now that the room is painted we really need some fresh furnishings but that will have to wait.  What I will do though is paint a few pieces of art for the walls.  Probably I’ll paint them with lighter colors to brighten things up a little.  Overall it’s a great intimate space.  No we don’t have a ton of space and the dark color makes it feel “closer” in some ways, but we live most of our waking hours in this space.  It’s great for family time and if we have a couple or two over they should feel right at home themselves

Here are some pics, more painting in the subsequent weekends.

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