Really Cool Stuff

I find life to be incredibly predictable.

Or rather maybe I have an innate, or uncanny, ability to pretty much know how a story is going to end before I’m even done eating the popcorn. Given any set of circumstances I’ve found through a little reflection, deduction, a sprinkle of logic and my own imagination virtually nothing surprises me. I’ll clue you in on what might be one of my secrets. When you navigate through life, realize a vast majority of who and what you encounter lacks imagination. And where imagination is devoid, predictability sets up shop.

So here I find myself, not surprisingly (at least to me), at one of life’s presumably wondrous cross roads. Before you get the wrong idea, no worries….I’m a (theoretically) rich, (definitely past) middle aged Caucasian guy from flyover country…I’m essentially societal navel lint in terms of what anyone would or should be concerned about. My role in life is to wake up, go to work, take it like a man, come home, sleep, repeat.

Except sometimes they make the middle bits go away.

So instead of sharing my next home improvement adventure with you, for a while I’ll be pondering “now what“, making a game plan, and executing said game plan….worst case scenario this was a fun adventure and we’ll unload the joint, ceiling fans and all.

I’ll figure something out.

I have to figure something out.

One thing’s for certain in regards to the house, we’re going to crank up this ship and see what she’s got. I wish I had loaded up with LED lights to keep the electric bill down, but beyond that….I think we’re good for a while. Since I won’t be doing any more improvements for the foreseeable future I’ll start delving into the utility bills and share how much we’re using for electric and gas. There are a few things we’ll being doing that we already have supplies for, namely painting a few more rooms and I have to finish my office area. And organizing things is a necessity year round regardless of circumstances. Once Spring comes we’ll go full tilt in the garden.

Who knows, maybe I’ll start writing those books I wanted to write or hell, anyone need help building a sustainable house? Apparently I might have some time on my hands.

Thinking back, I can remember growing up drawing cars, houses and all kinds of other weird stuff…heck, I don’t think too many ten-year-old’s were drawing waterproof electric razors that dispensed shaving gel (I swear to god if you steal that idea I’ll come after you like a rabid ferret at an Easter egg roll). I’d toil away at the kitchen counter filling reams of paper with little pencil drawings. Anyway, as a kid, all I wanted to do was really cool stuff: like draw things, play, laugh, learn, and love. And so I did really cool stuff. And other people thought I was doing really cool stuff. Hell, I made kids…how could that not be incredibly cool stuff. And doing this house was “really cool stuff”….like really f-ing cool stuff. And I helped others do really cool stuff.

And then one day someone said “we don’t want you doing really cool stuff for us anymore“.


But that’s all I really know how to do.

So I guess I just gotta find someone out there that needs really cool stuff.

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