Alright, tonight I finished applying coat number two of paint in the big little guy’s bedroom.  He, we, chose Peppery from our Sherwin Williams / HGTV Global Spice color palette.  It’s a dark orange / red color that required a grey primer coat and now two coats of color.  We’re going to let it dry and see if it’ll require a third coat.  The little guy just loves it and says it looks fine.  His anal retentive dad may have other thoughts and add a third coat, even though painting that little room is a royal pain in the ass.

The color is very similar to the red coffee alter we have in the kitchen.  It’s rather bold, but when you see it from the hall, it works perfectly with the Edamame in the boys’ bathroom, the sage green carpet and the hallway’s Loggia paint color.  Yes, it does darken the room which is a no no (according to this Consumer Reports snippet in the issue I got in the mail today).  colors-that-sell-houses It’s tough to paint this color but it really makes the room more “comfy” and obviously visually warm. One thought I had was that we chose the land because it was relatively open and expansive visually all around us.  The house really exploits the views and is one with the landscape.  But on the other hand once you’re inside the house, it could get unsettling if it’s too expansive.  Like living in a fish bowl, you’d never be at ease.  In my opinion, the warm dark colors help psychologically embrace the occupants (i.e. us) and make the house feel more like “home”.  The earthy colors (yes even peppery is earthy) help tie us to the land and the world around us. I don’t think the orange will “overstimulate” my kid.  He likes it so that’s a good first step.  Also I think it’ll stimulate his imagination, giving him a desire to explore his world and appreciate all of its unique qualities.  It’s an earthy orange that you’d find in the canyons of Utah, or the spices of a Moroccan bazaar. I suspect it’ll prove comforting on stormy summer nights or cold winter mornings as well.  It’ll be toned down once the bed, ebony furniture and wall decorations are in place.

Some info on the paint we used.  Everything is from Sherwin Williams.  For the latest round I bought top of the line, zero VOC, Emerald interior Acrylic Latex paint.  The product web page touts good coverage and no need for a primer, but even the Sherwin Williams computer said we needed a primer coat with the Peppery.  And like I said, two coats may not be enough.  It’s zero VOC so it won’t degrade the indoor air quality, and presumably there won’t be any ill effect on my kid’s lungs, or the rest of us for that matter.  I did notice a little odor, but I had the door shut to keep kids and cat out while I painted.  Once dry there wasn’t any offensive smell so all is good.  This paint should be easy to clean, which is critical for a boy’s room.

Ok, here are pics below.  I have two more rooms to paint….craft room and then bonus painting: my studio!

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