Bedroom Painting Is Done

We put all the furniture back in the bedroom and it looks pretty nice. The wife says it will take some getting used to but I like it already. I think I’m used to it because I’ve been painting it for a week. The warm pepper color looks nice with the dark wood furniture.

We added a bookcase after asking the little guy if we can move his play kitchen out. He agreed and as a result his room looks more like a big boy room. Very sad for me but I try not to think of it too much. Incidentally I shopped for a bookcase in our basement and found a couple actually. Also found a drop cloth down there last week AFTER I had just bought one. I gotta remember – go shopping in basement first.

If you’re ever decorating remember one key thing: anything that was iffy before will stand out after decorating. In our case two things stood out, at least in my mind. One is the other bedroom looks really blank and antiseptic now cause its not painted. And two, the headboard in the freshly painted room really needs an update. It was okay and served us well, for free, for some time but we think we want a new one to help finish off the room. We’ll start with Target and go from there….$100? I don’t know how much a headboard costs. We might get two of the same, one got each room.

Tomorrow I’ll paint the craft room and finish my office organizing.


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