I painted the craft room this weekend.  Off of our palette we chose Sherwin Williams SW6375 Honeycomb. Neither of us liked it when I was painting it on, but in the end it turned out to be a nice color.  It’s kind of a mustard color but with hints of tan and not too garish.

We talked a lot about the plans for the small craft room.  I sat on the ugly chair and let the room talk to me.  Incidentally the ugly chair is surprisingly comfortable.  I also had a flash to call myself the ‘room whisperer’ but alas some guy already calls himself that and owns the website.  Regardless, I sat in the room and mentally cycled through about a half dozen configurations.  Grabbing a tape measure we took some measurements; I’ll model up the room and work out a few options.  Finishing the room is low on the list but making plans is free so why not.  The wife uses it for her sewing, and needs a few different work stations.  Once we’re done it should be a cute little cozy room.  My feeling is that I want it to look like a quaint converted attic space.  Possibly include build ins complimented with some antique or antique looking pieces.

Outside in the hall I was going to get around to finally hanging some of her famous hand cut paper artwork on the gallery wall.  But the wall is kind of odd…lots of doors which is fine, we designed it that way.  Problem is the bronze hinges stand out in contrast to the light colored walls.  So our thought is to paint just that gallery wall a dark color.  This will conceal the cut lines and hinges.  The wall needs a freshening up as there are several cracks and the trim needs to be painted.  There are several dark colors on our palette to choose from, and we decided upon SW6083 Sable. It’s a dark brown so it should go nicely with the light tan walls, green carpet and the brown floor in the adjacent studio and craft room.  Artwork hung against this dark wall should really pop.  It’s a bold move but it’s the right move.

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