Beginning and End

Fear and uncertainty are not bad things.  Fear and uncertainty do not hold us back.  Fear and uncertainty elevate us to a world we could never go on our own.

Today was my last day of being employed by one singular institution.  It was a remarkably grey depressing day.  February showing us the worst she has to offer. And I am all the stronger for it.  It was comforting though coming home.  So that’s one good sign, the new place is providing some comfort to my weary soul.

I had the honor of personally thanking my colleagues for my fortune in having worked with them through the years.  I had one last lunch with my team.  And I was delighted to catch up with an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in five years over coffee.  In addition to all this were gifts, a card and even donuts.  As good a last day as any one person could hope for and I store it in my memory happily for future reflection.

Starting tomorrow I work for myself.  Well actually eventually if all goes well I’ll work for a limitless pool of people but at least tomorrow I work for myself.  I believe in myself and I actually have a pretty extensive tool box of skills, experience and imagination that will allow me to be successful.

Fear and uncertainty are there.  But I gladly put those in my tool box as well.  For both will assure that I do the best that I possibly can.  Dealing with them will make me stronger, more resilient, more capable.  I will be methodical and act with great purpose.  And have fun doing it.

I am definitely looking forward to being my own boss.  It will be a lot of work but I will learn a lot and frankly, having worked for “big business” it will be a refreshing dose of freedom and reward that comes with being self employed.

On the home front the constant rain has turned the yard into a swamp.  Nothing bad but not much to look at.  Bee day is Saturday so I should have more to share on Sunday – let you know how that goes.

Stay warm folks.  Talk to you later.



2 thoughts on “Beginning and End

  1. reminds me of when i retired from my job with a fortune 500 company – scary? you betcha! but oh, how liberating at the same time! i know you will enjoy being master of your own fate. now, get on your horse and ride!


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