Bees Are Ordered

Our bees are ordered.  We ordered one package and we are on the wait list for a “nuc” (a swam of bees already established on frames).  It will be a few weeks until they arrive but we’ve got plenty to do in the meantime.  We’ll pick up a second hive and some additional supplies.  I have to go out back and clear the hive area but will wait for a warmer weekend to do that.  Moving the bees into their new home should be pretty cool, a spectator worthy event. I’m really looking forward to bringing our girls home (basically all the bees are female, in case you were wondering).

House wise I’ve been spending some of my working day in the loft and have found it to be a most agreeable spot to think, read and create.  My office area is nice downstairs but it can’t compare to looking out the giant window as snowflakes meander their way earthbound.  I went “shopping” in our cluttered basement and found a little table upon which my coffee and note pad can rest in the loft next to my chair.  The boys were up there yesterday with me and they enjoy jumping off the deep window sills and rolling around on the carpet.  Surprisingly the loft doesn’t get as warm as one would expect but it’s still warmer than my transitional office area. 

I’ve been working in my studio as well, on a large 6′ stripe painting.  Looking forward to getting that framed and out of the way.  I have about a dozen blank canvases I need to work on for our summer art show schedule too.  

Outside the house has weathered winter fairly well.  The gutters have some grey streaks from roof runoff but I think I can clean those in the spring off of a tall ladder.  I also have a downspout to fix and a drooping valance panel that should be an easy fix.

We’ll spend some time planning the garden in the coming weeks.  One thing I’d love to do is build a small shed and greenhouse but I don’t think that will be in the cards this year.  The shed would be good for processing honey, but I can clear out some studio space to do that this year.  At the very least I may design the shed, for my portfolio if nothing else.

Working from home has been interesting and taken some adjustment but it’s going well.  I have another interview today so we’ll see how that goes.  The bees and other homesteading projects really keep me upbeat and excited.  Regardless though I really can’t wait for spring to arrive.  We’ve been holed up for too long. 

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