Spring Has Sprung

There is something about this screwed up year, twenty-thirteen.  The first quarter has been remarkably miserable… incessant crappy weather, my career laid asunder for no logical reason, living a new reality where I’m not sure how I’ll support myself, let alone a family…but hey, that’s life right.

Just in time to raise spirits, and my salvation, the real Spring arrived this week.  We had the aforementioned (in other posts) nice warm days and have spent those wisely working out in the yard. We’ve been walking the land and looking at all the plants budding. Remarkably all the thorny bushes budding first, the more beautiful flowering one still slumbering. And today we had our first rain.  Of course, just like last year and on par for twenty-thirteen, the first rain was a monsoon rain instead of just a calm little Spring rain. Last year a huge rain storm washed away all my grass seed in the front yard just two days after it was planted.  I watched apprehensively out the window today as a drizzle grew to a downpour. Watched the air outside turn green and the sky grow dark. I watched as the large drops fell on the powdery, grass seed infused, blanket of soil in the orchard. Surprisingly I think the orchard held up well. The line of delineation between the front yard and front plant bed on the other hand filled up like a  swimming pool. Nothing too worrisome but something to address on my “to do” list.

My home office (I’m now a design consultant by the way in case someone wants to throw a project my way, I’m not proud) is in the corridor between the front hall and my studio. The last two days I’ve been able to turn off the HVAC and open the large three-foot square window in my office. Instead of my wearing my headphones and listening to music I’ve been listening to the plethora of bird noises, and today, the sound of a thunderstorm rolling across the valley. The fresh air breeze has been nice as well.

Yesterday I heard the consistent beat of feathers behind me as I sat at my desk. Turning around I observed a small brown bird making a nest atop one of the porch columns. I thought to myself that she would be as happy as I was it was finally Spring, were she not so focused on her task at hand. I marveled the next day when I could see her nest constructed up there, little branches and twigs gathered lovingly from our front yard. At one point her beau stopped by to inspect the nest. Her patience worn thin she quickly rushed him away to the cistern cherry, and returned to the task at hand…or beak. So we finally have a “nest” for our house, it’s just not some trendy thermostat. Instead it’s something real, authentic and unique.

So Spring is underway, and this year more so than any other I’m really engaged in it. I have to be. With all the upheaval and uncertainty, I need something to grasp. Plus I have to work doubly hard, so I appreciate any down time that I do get. And taking time to smell the roses, or at least watch a bird build a nest, is something that most people forego in their endless life pursuits. I’m pretty lucky I guess.

Well if tomorrow is nice out I’ll inspect the orchard. This weekend I’ll start working on the vegetable garden and feeding our berry bushes. And of course we’re patiently waiting for our bees to show up.

5 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. If this posts,,ill be happy. I enjoy reading your blog. and th tech whiz that i am not,,, couldnt make it happen some time ago! I rad some old but not all,, Im sure I missed alot.
    Thanx for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Should be an exciting week coming up – if bees show up. Plus I’ve got little leaves popping out of the apple trees. Deer and other animals are all running around here…it’s a hotbed of activity.


  2. man, i am feeling a bit guilty reading this while there are azaleas, dogwoods, camellias, roses, you name it blooming their brains out in 85+ degree weather here in Augusta, Georgia (and just in time for a little golf tournament going on at the moment!) but I suppose everything is relative (we’ll be frying in our hot, humid summer before long). you are blessed beyond measure to be able to appreciate the wonders of nature surrounding you as well as everything you have accomplished with your home – AND all the while instilling good values in your children? priceless!!!


    • Little known fact, Augusta National – THE cathedral of golf in my opinion – originally was a nursery and each hole is named after some sort of plant. I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the tournament with my golf worshipping father in law several years ago. It was incredible. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

      Yes I’m sort of jealous but while we are forced to suffer the cold and grey in northern Ohio we are blessed with snow at Christmas (usually).


      • aaahhhh, snow – well SOMETIMES we see some and when we do, the whole town goes crazy as if there is a blizzard – pretty comical! and you are correct about the history of the National – was built upon the grounds of Fruitland Nurseries – hubs and I agree it is a pretty special place (yes, we frequent; he has played several times). y’all feel free to look us up if you come this way south again. i was born and raised here – we’re not going anywhere!


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