First Apple Blossom

Yesterday we checked on the hive for the first time. Actually the wife checked, I just stood there reading the bee book and looking at ants scurry around the base of the hive. I did get my bee suit on though just in case. I did not take any pics though because I forgot me camera.  I’ll post pics next week when we check again.

Everything looked good, we even saw the queen on one of the frames, walking about. Honeycomb is beginning to be built on the frames, though in our haste we forgot to look for eggs. There are two things to check first time – is the queen there and is she laying eggs. We will look closer next time.

I bought material for the garden gates today, so be on the look out to see how I fared making those. I’m making a habit of designing things in my head as I shop for materials. In Lowes today I could be seen running back and forth, literally talking to myself out loud, as I loaded and unloaded pressure treated lumber from my cart. I creatively figured out how to load 8′ lengths of lumber into the Rabbit today as well. I’m trying to squeeze in an hour or two each day / night while the weather is so nice to get these tasks off my list. Plus I don’t like monkey’s on my back. I’m very close to being able to relax, I can’t wait. Lately my typical day consists of:

  • wake up around 7:30am (today it was 4:00am tossing and turning)
  • work on household bills, search for a job, misc. stuff til 8:30am
  • work on money-making projects like design work, or non-money makers like our websites, until 4pm (sometimes skipping lunch altogether like today).
  • work outside until 5:30pm
  • come in, make dinner or help make dinner and eat, til about 7pm
  • go back outside to water or plant or move stuff or make stuff until 8:30pm (some nights I have class or a haircut or whatnot)
  • come in to hang with the family until 9:30pm bedtime for kids
  • then blog, play, read, or mumble to myself until 11pm (or later) then goto bed and repeat it all the next day

I have no sense of which day of the week it is anymore. Everyday is like the above outline. If I get my chores done soon I’ll intermingle some time in the studio in the coming weeks. I figure I have about 8-24 weeks before I keel over from stress, exhaustion and / or mental insanity.  That is just about the time the bank will take the house away, so the timing will be perfect. I don’t have another move in me.

Here are the latest cool photos, including our first apple blossom. I was at jewelry class tonight so I missed it; instead I had to settle for a photo from the wife.

2 thoughts on “First Apple Blossom

  1. Good luck with the bees. I have a friend that has just started a hive and is the the same progress as yourself. If I pay close attention I should have few problems when I start my own. Peace, Dohn


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