Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there.

No amount of thanks is enough for all that the mother’s in our lives do for us. I have no idea what it is like to be a mom. But I certainly can appreciate all the good that is given to our world by them. I see it first hand watching my wife work tirelessly to raise our two boys. Often it’s her attending their every need, as her absent-minded, self involved husband chases windmills. She changes diapers, reads books, oversees craft time, drives to and from, cleans, and cooks. She’s also the boys “go to” for comforting, cuddling, and conflict mediation. Thank you to my wife for everything she does as the resident “mom” in our home.

Mom’s are so much more than all of that, as we all know. And a mother’s love transcends just the biological bond between a mother and her born child. We see it every “mom” whether a woman has her own children or she just plays that role, in some way, to us or those around us. I think it’s an enzyme or something in their DNA or who knows.

So thanks to all those in our lives that fill that role. Or filled that role in the past. Or will fill it in the future. To the mothers, sisters, sisters-in-law, aunts, friends, cousins, nieces, strangers….woman we’ll never even meet halfway around the world…anyone I’ve missed in my list. To those of you who we see every day and to those we see only in our hearts. Thank you for the love, kindness, gentleness, understanding, patience (especially the patience, more so that anything I suspect), leadership, guidance, discipline, teaching, creativity, humor, tears, and laughter. Thank you for holding our hands and wiping our tears. For sitting by our bedside  (and cleaning up the mess) when we’re sick and waiting in the car as we walk off to school for the first time. Thanks for working tirelessly to make sure we don’t kill ourselves prematurely when we think we can fly, run with sharp objects and drive too fast. Thanks for worrying about us and waiting up for us when the hour grows late. For cheering us up when our hearts are broken, giving us tough love when we need it and for celebrating our accomplishments, large and small. For teaching us respect, and teaching us about the world around us, and fostering our creativity. Mother’s (and their surrogates) are in one way or another responsible for every great idea mankind has ever had I bet. And they are the reason why no challenge is too large if we put our minds and spirits to it.

For those mom’s that have, thanks for giving birth to us. I’ve witnessed the whole process from start to finish over nine months and it ain’t pretty. I could never do it. If it were up to guys, then humans wouldn’t exist because the being pregnant and giving birth is just way too much to ask.

Thank you for taking care of us when we weren’t even your kids. Once again making sure we walked the straight and narrow when our real mom’s weren’t around.  For doing all of the above when you really didn’t have to. Thanks to the mom’s of the world for keeping an eye on us. I’m certain the human race would have completely wiped itself out by now were it not for motherly love. Thanks to my sisters, sisters-in-law and other mom’s who I secretly steal tips and tricks from on how to be a parent.

Thanks to all the mom’s who left us and this world before us. We miss you every day. But you’re in every good thing we do.  Rest easy, you’ve done a great job.

Thanks to the mom’s we rarely think about that aren’t even human like you and me. The mama bird who I’ve watched sit tirelessly on her nest for the last month and the pregnant doe I see eating clover every morning. Heck even all the bees in our new hive (most of whom are females that will never lay an egg, but dedicate their entire lives to raising new baby bees). Even if it’s just because that’s how their DNA is wired, I still like to think deep down inside they have a mother’s love. A mom’s ability to sacrifice is second to none.

And thank you for that sacrifice. For the countless lost dreams, hopes and wishes that were cast aside throughout history; replaced without complaint by your support for our, and other’s dreams, hopes and wishes. Thanks to mom’s who have given the ultimate sacrifice, their life (in reality or spirit), so that their “children” would be protected, safe and happy. We have yet to discover a way to repay you, other than saying we love you.

Thank you to my mother who helped make me the man I am today. Because of her I am in awe of the world around me and I believe anything is possible. These are two of the most powerful traits any person can have.

Thank you. Enjoy your day. You deserve it.

My mom and me at the beach c. 1978

My mom and me at the beach c. 1978

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