Garden Gate

Well today I got another monkey off my back, the double gates are hung in the garden, thus rendering it somewhat immune from deer and other critters that like to sniff where they ought not be sniffing. We also got all of our veggie seedlings off the window sill and into the soil. With half of the allotted garden space given to seedlings, we will infill the rest with seeds for carrots, radishes, and onions (I think), as well as (as yet to be) purchased plants for tomatoes and peppers. In the ground already are peas, cucumbers, lettuce and sunflowers as well as seed pods for watermelon, pumpkins, and spinach. So there is an outside chance we may actually have something to harvest this year as our basket has all kinds of potential eggs in it…unless of course something wipes out the entire garden. Oh wait, we’re not supposed to temp fate….I forgot.

As far as the gates go, you’ll see in the pics that install was fairly straight forward, though the one post was 1-1/8″ off level so I had to scab on a ripped piece of lumber to square it up. Tip of the day: run a string and level from post to post to assure your gates are level. don’t worry about their relation to the top of the posts or the ground. The posts likely run along the pitch of the ground, and any excess ground space can be rectified with pavers if your fancy or by filling in with dirt below the gate.

I do have some good bee pics too, but you’ll have to wait til later this week. For now enjoy these.


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