Tuesday I snuck out to the garden to check on things, and to finally get all our sunflowers and the boys’ marigolds in the ground. All these little plants were grown from seed on our window sill and survived the frost because we were too lazy to plant them last week.

I like the plan for the formal planting beds because they have a lot of space allocated for perennials, some annuals and even herbs. I’m a big fan of gardens that are somewhat formal but have opportunities for whimsy or in-formalities, variety and edibles. It will be years before the gardens on the grounds come into their own, but even now I can see the potential.  We’ve got roses next to sun flowers, wild goldenrod next to mint and basil, on and on the variety of combinations is endless and delightful.

We’re done planting for the year in terms of landscaping. The bushes we planted last year are growing large; I’m glad we’re getting a jump on plantings. I realize it costs money but I feel it’s important to get plants in the ground early on so that we can enjoy them before they put us in the ground. Also the landscape will increase our property value and make the house more presentable should we have to sell in the coming year.

What we've planted to date.

What we’ve planted to date.

In the veggie garden I inspected everything and it looks like yes, I will have to replace all our tomato, pepper and cucumber plants as the frost surely killed them or at least rendered them not worth keeping. I planted all the seeds for the carrots, onions, beets and radishes. Our watermelon and pumpkins have sprouted little sprouts from our “easy grow” pods, as has the spinach. Here’s a general layout of our veggie garden…I just realized I left the lettuce and spinach out, but we planted those near the peas. Also it’s off scale because I didn’t squeeze in the maple sapling, or the existing native “bush” that live in the middle of our garden…yes that’s right I left a bush and a maple tree in our garden for aesthetic purposes. Where it says “radish” on the left…slide all that over and that’s where our lettuce is going. Our garden is 20’x40′ which is a perfect size. This should produce enough veggies to feed 2-4 families for the year.  Friends and relatives should call me to get on board. I’m open to bartering. 🙂

Layout of our veggie garden this year.

Layout of our veggie garden this year.

I also examined and fenced off one of our service berry bushes. It’s lost all its leaves and I don’t know if its deer or a disease or lack of water or etc. etc. etc. We have two and the other looks better so I just fenced off the one. If it bounces back then I know it was deer picking on this one bush. If not then it must be watering or disease. I did rub some plant tone into the base of both berry bushes; we’ll see if that helps.

This service berry wasn't bad, and I'm not disciplining it - rather providing it some protection to see if it's because of deer that it's doing so poorly or if there's another cause of it's lack of leaves and berries.

This service berry wasn’t bad, and I’m not disciplining it – rather providing it some protection to see if it’s because of deer that it’s doing so poorly or if there’s another cause of its lack of leaves and berries. You can see new growth at the base of the plant.

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