Rose Slugs and Gardening Update

Friday morning found me taking a break from work and investigating what was going on with our rose bush.  The bush looks awful this Spring, it’s leaves obviously had a disease or bug. I examined the leaves and then searched the internet. I didn’t find any rose diseases that satisfied my curiosity. So I looked at insects next. I came across Bees and Chicks, a blog, and Barbara had a photo that looked just like our rose bush. Stepping outside my suspicions were confirmed. I turned over a leaf and off fell a fat rose slug. It startled me a bit, why I don’t know, cause they’re so small…but they look like a gel candy green. I showed the wife and we discovered a dozen or so under various leaves. I went back to the blog and decided we needed to go to Petitti Garden Center to pick up some insecticidal soap.

We decided on Earth Tone insecticidal soap because it touts organic gardening qualities and well it was on the shelf in front of us…plus the packaging looks nice. While we were there we loaded up on replacement veggies for our frost damaged garden. We got a variety of tomato and pepper plants, as well as a selection of squash, sprouts, beans, and cucumbers. The boys even picked out a couple peanut plants.  I’m skeptical but we will see.

Returning home I planted everything while the wife started creating trellises for the pea plants (we grew those from seed). For the peanuts I dug out a bout a foot of clay and infilled the hole with sweet peat and top soil. The two little plants go about eight inches apart and we’ll harvest them in fall just before the last frost; drying the whole plant out in the garage or somewhere and in theory have peanuts.

We also bought onions. I planted those outside the fenced garden because we’ve used up all of our space inside the garden. I prepared a couple beds along one of the pathways by pick axing the clay soil, adding some new top soil and plant tone…and a little of the remaining sweet peat. The problem with onions is you have to plant every little onion which is a royal pain. In a perfect world I’d have this big expansive fully prepped bed with soft draining soil…well this ain’t a perfect world so our onions will fend for themselves in my loosely prepared road side beds.

I did spray the rose bushes as well. I won’t go into the science of the rose slug here because there are so many resources out on the web already, as I said try here or maybe here. I’ll let you know how our soap works.

I’ll go out later today and give you a run down of everything we planted; as we’ve stuffed a lot more veggies in the plot since the frost…and it differs from the diagram I posted a couple days ago.

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