Spring Flowers

Well this week is incredibly busy. After a nice weekend visiting with family here and there, the work week has been out of control. Two straight 10 hour days of work is great for the bottom line though, but there is no rest for the weary. Tomorrow looks to be one more 10 hour day so I’ll keep tonight’s post to mostly photos.

The garden is doing great. I fenced in the tea plants because I think bunnies are getting to them. No photo but the service berry plants are bouncing back. The bees look great, we added our first honey “super” on so we should have honey for ourselves starting in July. And I even snuck out on the 15th to take some wild flower photos and I’ll share some of those with you here.

Not sure when I’ll be back to post. Just assume my yard is going to hell in a hand basket. By the way the reason my old mower died was because it spit out its oil drain plug. I know this because ALL the oil leaked out onto my garage floor. I need to get a new plug and clean up the mess, then that mower is going bye-bye (curbside for free or try and pawn it off for money. It’ll work, just needs some TLC).


2 thoughts on “Spring Flowers

    • Good call… I sent the pic to our bee keeping friends and we have a bee keepers meeting tonight, I’ll print the photo and take it with me. We looked at the bee book this morning and it might be drone pupae too.


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