Friday Update

My shortest post ever:

  • work = a lot which is good but I need time to paint to prep for art show next week. The paint is definitely going to be wet during the shows.
  • yard = total disaster after all the rain we got. Weeds EVERYWHERE.
  • garden = radishes EVERYWHERE. OMG we better start eating them. I’m going to start mailing them to random people I don’t know.
  • house = not too bad. I MUST get my studio shelves built, enough is enough. I need organization, even if it means I go on welfare. Rest of house is usual “gravel pit” looking self with toys, clothes and crap everywhere
  • art = did I mention I NEED TIME TO PAINT….painting at 10 o’clock after working 12 hours is not an option.
  • animals = we saw baby deer, and yesterday while I sat working at my drafting table a family of turkeys – mom, dad and 5 babies – visited our garden fence area. I took photos but don’t have time to post tonight.
  • flowers = wildflowers are blooming: sun flowers, cone flowers, black eyed susans and more.  Interesting how different flowers bloom at different times of year. I should draw up a chart next year.  Daisies are on their way out, bloom wise.

Night folks. As usual thank god you are not me – it is NOT fun.

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