Studio Bookcase Design And Death.

Well after a day of designing stuff for other people with mixed results I decided to design something for myself this evening.  Here is the plan for the bookcase, which will be located around the corner in the alcove of my studio:

Studio bookshelf design.

Studio bookshelf design.

The lower section is flared forward to allow me to store books and magazines on the left and paint jars on the right. Midway up is a little 4″ shelf for life’s miscellaneous debris. Everyone should have a shelf for debris. Right now it’s all accumulated on a window sill in the studio.  Up top are little 6″ shelves for paint bottles.  The big opening at the bottom is an access panel for a water line shut off valve.  This book-case will be painted tone on tone like the other shelves and walls in the studio.

I enjoy designing things for myself because of the creative freedom it affords me. Unfortunately the pay is horrific.

On a sad note, today the only polar bear at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo died. He or she was the subject for several of Christine’s works of art. In loving memory, here’s a hand cut paper piece of artwork depicting the (now dead) polar bear (when he / she was alive).  Sad.  We’ll miss you furry guy (or gal).  Happy seal hunting in the sky to you.

RIP Cleveland Metroparks Polar Bear.

RIP Cleveland Metroparks Polar Bear.

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