Home Alone

This is my bachelor weekend.  The wife and kids left to go visit her sister so here I am left all to myself. As anyone who has a family and hectic lifestyle knows, being alone for an hour, let alone two days, takes an act of congress. I’m not sure I’ve been alone in the last four years. And frankly it’s not all it’s cracked up to be really. The life is kind of gone out of the house with just me and the cat here. I had grand plans to get all kinds of things off of my “to do” list but in reality I’ve accomplished very little.  I guess I’m finding value in the freedom that accompanies not doing anything constructive. Which if you know me is also an extraordinary feat: doing nothing. Eating unhealthily, watching non-family friendly movies (e.g. Django Unchained) and playing video games is about all I’ve done.

One thing I knocked off the list was going out and finding sinks for the laundry room and my studio.  Finishing both rooms is contingent on getting the sinks installed next so it is imperative that I picked out a couple sinks. So after sleeping in until 9:45am this morning (which I haven’t done in over a decade) I contemplated what to do with my day, and decided to drive up to an area plumbing supply showroom. I had previously struck out when looking for sinks at Home Depot and Lowes. Looking online was daunting and would require a long wait for sinks to be shipped out. So I took a chance by hopping in the Rabbit and seeing what I might find at Welker McKee.  After waiting a while a nice sales woman helped me pick out the perfect, simple white sinks made by Mustee.  One sink is sized for our 30″ laundry cabinet, and the other for the 24″ cabinet in my studio.  They are simple fiberglass construction and they do not have faucet holes in them. I’m assuming my plumber can cut the holes for the faucets. And yes, I still need to pick out faucets for each. I think the sinks are a deal at about $70 each, and both were in stock so we’re back in business. Just need to get my studio floor finished (I have to remove the cabinet to finish the floor) and get the laundry counter made. Then I can get the plumber out to hook them up.

Other than my sink buying adventure I’ve done pretty much nothing. No bat house has been erected, and the upstairs gallery wall remains unpainted.  No yard work (though maybe water the plants like I was supposed to do yesterday), and no design work.  There are a ton of things that should or could be done but you know what? I don’t really care today. I need a mental health day to be lazy. Although I am working on a painting for a client of mine here and there today, so that kind of keeps the ‘not working’ guilt at bay a little bit. Maybe tomorrow can be bat house day. So here’s to random ‘lost’ Saturdays devoid of work or play.  And to Sundays when your family comes back home.

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