Heirloom Black Eyed Susan

What can I say, more of the same. Stressed out beyond belief but have some vacation time coming up. That’s not to say I’m actually working much but hey I could use a break right. My art show this weekend was a complete bust. I sat around for 2 full days to sell $60 worth of art. Leave it to me to pawn my family’s future well-being building an art studio in the middle of nowhere before I figured out that I can’t paint anything anyone would actually buy.  Well at least I’m offsetting it with a paying work project this week.

Only a couple of things to mention tonight. One, we got the decks pressure washed today and it only cost $100. Took the guy like 15 minutes with his big powerful washer apparatus. So now we can stain the decks starting tomorrow most likely, just in time for Fall.

Our heirloom black-eyed susans that were passed over to us from a friend at our old job, have finally bloomed. I thought they were dead last year with all the heat and dry weather. I’d been patiently watching their leaves all year, this year. They could have been weeds, but I’m getting pretty good at spotting perennial leaves like those on cone flowers and black-eyed susans. Well I watched them just sit there as leaves all Summer. As other weeds grew up around them. I was even tempted to pull them out but I had a feeling. And sure enough they started blooming this week. These are special flowers because they are direct descendants of the ones that can be seen in my wife’s hand cut paper artwork. So when we leave the house (after we die, or when we have to sell it later this year for example), the people who live or tour the place will be able to see the flowers and associate them to my wife’s art…which doesn’t really sell either….maybe I should have just called them weeds and pulled them…Hmmm.

Heirloom black eyed susans finally came back near the rain barrel.

Heirloom black eyed susans finally came back near the rain barrel.


Beyond that, I’ve been reading David Giffels’ book ‘All The Way Home’ which is about a guy who lives about 20 mins. from us who renovated an old mansion in Akron, Ohio. It’s a great book and I can relate to many of his house adventures. It’s interesting to contrast his project and ours. His was a renovation and ours new construction. I’m pretty sure his project cost a fraction of ours as he finds great reward and personal satisfaction in doing a lot of the work himself. I pay people to change light bulbs and then bitch about it, and that I’m broke. So we’re a little different I suppose. Additionally, compared to our mess, his story is actually interesting. Apparently this is a key component in successful writing so I need not worry about quitting my day job…whatever that might be. Anyway it’s a good read, I started it Sunday and should be done with it by Tuesday ’cause I can’t put it down.

Happy Monday peeps.


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