Staining The Porch

Today was probably one of the hottest days of the year. With a change in weather coming up, from 90 degrees plus to barely 60 degrees and a chance of rain, we decided we’d better get the decks stained now. I got some work done and could delay the rest til later in the day. So around 9 AM we went out to get the back porch stained, and figured we could get the front one stained this evening or tomorrow morning. The heat wouldn’t build up until later in the day and the back porch is shielded well into the afternoon from the sun, so we didn’t think staining it would be an issue today, even if it got past 90 today.

I grabbed the two gallons of semi-transparent stain we picked out at Sherwin Williams several weeks ago. The color name escapes me now, I have a chip card somewhere in this ramshackle house, but we picked a color that we thought matched the cedar siding the best. Anyway, I taped the trim on the porch and shook up the paint can. Upon opening the can though I was fairly mortified. The stain looked a hideous shade of pink. Just to be safe I test stained an area on the porch steps and it looked just as bad there. No way was this grandma pink color going to dry to look like the siding. Crap, two gallons of stain figuratively down the drain. I couldn’t think of one use for that color anywhere on the estate. Hmmm. Well I guess no staining today.

Then I looked around the yard and saw the garden posts. That’s it. What about that 5 gallon can of stain from the old house. Who knows how old it was. Three years? Five…could it be seven years old? Does stain go bad? Well it seemed to work fine on the bat houses and the fence posts. After presenting my idea, the wife and I looked at the bat houses again. Boy, it sure looked spot on to the house siding. What the hell, I couldn’t think of a reason why not. After all I was going to throw it out just a month or two ago before I decided to use some of it on the bat house and fence post projects. And we had a ton of it left, at least 4 gallons.

So that’s what we used. And it looks great. We did the screen porch floor and the back porch floor and steps. Tomorrow we’ll do the front porch. One design change though, even though it’s stained to match the side, I think down the road we’ll actually change the color of the back porch and screen porch floors to a charcoal stain color to match the painted portion of the house. That will look really sharp, but for now the reddish-brown cedar stain looks good too.

One thing I forgot to mention in my last post, the other morning I had a fun awakening. I was fast asleep dreaming when I heard a clawing noise under my bed. I woke up disoriented wondering what the dog was doing clawing the wall under my bed. Then I realized we don’t have a dog. So then I thought, what’s the cat doing? We have a cat, but it’s a miracle she even shows up let alone do any crazy bed clawing. As I awoke further out of my slumber, I realized, crap the clawing isn’t under my bed, it is on the outside wall that my bed butts up against.  First the idea that maybe it was a zombie trying to break in and eat my cat. Then an image of a raccoon building a nest in our blue foam entered my consciousness, just like our resident yellow jackets. I leapt out of bed and tried to figure out what one wears to battle raccoons at 6am Monday morning. I decided on shorts and a t-shirt that were laying on the floor. I then listened and could still hear scraping so I ran to my studio. Well all the windows fog up every morning so I could barely see except near the edges. Squinting I could see the culprit staggering away around the back corner of the house. Was neither raccoon or zombie, but rather one of our skunks. His little black and white body disappeared from view. I ran to the family room and picked him up out of the corner of my eye as he crossed the playground into the woods. Well that was kind of interesting. Also as he was crossing, two rabbits were playing with each other in the playground too. For a second I thought maybe animals were assembling in my yard to get on an ark. With that, I went back to bed. At least I don’t have raccoons living in my walls…yet.

2 thoughts on “Staining The Porch

  1. Stain looks great !! Sherwin Williams should take that pink stuff back; no one should sell anything that looks like that..

    For the record, coming from one in the know, modern grandmothers don’t like that color either. ha ha…


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