Why Do I Bother?

Alright, in all fairness, you knew it wasn’t going to really work did you?  But hey, I like to think I live in a world where the rules don’t apply to me. That, because I try harder than most, that the universe will reward me with being right in the end.

I drove home tonight as the sun was going down and was astonished by the number of deer out and about as I drove down into our valley.  Pretty neat because I haven’t seen too many deer this Summer. When I got home I scared off a whole herd who were hanging out by my blackberry bushes. I even admonished one that was bold enough to stick around as I got out of the Rabbit.

“Stay away from that blackberry bush deer.” I said forcefully to ill effect.

Oh well, I went inside to say “hi” to the family. Then with light dwindling I figured I’d throw my jeans on and dig around for stakes, for the sandbox, in the garage. As I put on my jeans I could see two deer in the backyard. Only this time something was different.

Yes, very much different.

The one deer in the backyard was on the WRONG side of the fence.

Deer inside my garden.

Deer inside my garden.

I called for the wife to witness my disbelief.  One of them figured out they could jump over my meager 4′ tall fence around the garden.  I knew the day would come. And it looked liked only this single deer had figured it out. And you know what, in reality it’s no big deal because the garden is done for the year anyway. I should throw open the gates and let them clear it out but that’d set a bad precedent. After a few nibbles and steps, the deer worked its way to the corner and somewhat ungracefully jumped back up and over the corner of the garden.

And not surprisingly, as the wife and I watched in anticipation, the deer ducked her head under my elaborate twine fence around the orchard and started to nibble the clover inside the perimeter.

Are you kidding me?

Same deer inside my orchard.

Same deer inside my orchard.

Well there goes that bright idea I had.  I proceeded to throw my shoes on and then jumped out of the studio door, screaming like a maniac and scaring the poop out of the deer. She turned tail and deftly ducked under my twine fence.

I know it had to happen some day. Once again Mother Nature outwitting me.  Oh well, that’s okay. I have all next year to outwit deer.

P.S. (10-8-13)

One post script, I know you are all wondering, but no I am not raising any of the fences or tying any other tactics, except maybe making homemade deer spray. My restrained approach to deer management suits me fine and takes care of 80% of the problem. The goal is to keep the deer at bay until things become established.

I still contend the reason the deer moved back in is because we haven’t been spending any time outdoors so they essentially figure the house is abandoned. Time and time again when we go back to spending time outdoors the deer back off from the plants.

Much better to force ourselves back outside than to put up taller fences. A little life lesson for all of us.

Just in case though, I have our oldest boy peeing near the black berry bushes when he can.

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