Tuesday Night Quickie Update

I’m up to my eyeballs in a huge project, so no mental time to write. Yes I know, makes me a bad writer and an even worse human being. Maybe I’ll run for Congress.

Here’s what’s going on:

Bees: They are alive. Another mite treatment tomorrow

Brush Cutter: It showed up. I was admonished by FedEx, they delivered the $300 cutter to my neighbor because they didn’t know my house was back here. They said “If you live in the country you should have your packages delivered to a friend’s house in the suburbs.” Um, FedEx wait for my strongly worded letter…no worries, I’ll send it to you via UPS.

I have not been able to use the cutter yet, but it is assembled. Dumb thing uses gas / oil mixture. Why me lord?

Sleep: I don’t do it anymore.  I typically wake at 1am or 3am and stare at the ceiling, too lazy to leave my warm bed and get back to work. I have a million things racing through my mind. Definitely can’t use 2-stroke brush cutter at 3am. I’m hoping I die soon….or get a landscaper.

Music: I created the world’s best radio station on Pandora. A wonderful mix of folk and outlaw country called “Outlaw & Folk Eclectic“.  It gets me through the day. Also can’t get enough of the Avett Brothers and John Prine. Jamming to Don Williams ‘Living on Tulsa Time‘ as I write….who would want to sleep anyways.

Sandbox: No time to work on it. The boards sit where I left them. Hopefully I finish by time the boys goto college.

Studio Shelves: Now I’m the one who pushed them back off the schedule. Too busy to help install them.

Plumbing: Master sink drains should be fixed this Friday. In other news, the black and pink scum is spreading in the master shower. I’m ready to rip out all of the tile and replace it with a solid sheet of glass.

Snow Leopards: I think they are really beautiful. They look really soft too.

Pet dog: No pet dog yet.  The cat doesn’t know how good she’s got it.

Deer: I’m going to start snaring them and eating them…or just snare them and write them a strongly worded letter. Don’t really care what the rules are. A buck started rutting on my gum tree. Now I have to research tree protectors. A normal person would just put a corrugated tile pipe around the tree. I’ll turn it into my doctorate thesis.   The deer are eating plants indiscriminately, but mostly wild plants. They go into the orchard just to taunt me.

Cars: When you have “run flat” tires it just means you can ride on a flat tire as long as you’re willing to pony up a dollar for air at the gas station once a day, I say.

Ok.  That’s it for tonight. I need to attempt sleep.  Two more days until I’m done with my current big work project.





2 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Quickie Update

  1. funny what resonates with me when I read your posts – we are FINALLY getting down to the stage of construction at the lake house where ‘pretty’ shows and matters (which is MY department) so I don’t sleep at ALL now most of the time, and if I ever do, I usually bolt upright in the middle of the night worrying about stuff like did the tile guy center the cuts of the 1 inch hex over the shower drain? (he didn’t, of course.) somehow I find it comforting to know i’m not alone in this house building thing – that there are other people out there whose brains are fried and don’t turn off – especially since i live with a husband who can sleep like a baby through this never ending ordeal (proof positive that opposites attract). and then there’s the occasional pleasant tidbit i’ll come across in your blog like your mentioning John Prine – i’ve been a fan for almost as long as you’ve been alive! much of the time, i’ll have the lyrics of ‘grandpa was a carpenter’ swimming through my head while i’m on a ladder doing soul-numbing things like puttying holes in trim. love, love, love that man’s way with words! but enough about me. glad to know the bees are alive and that you are busy with a work project! going to start the coffee now since i’ve ruled out falling back to sleep (as IF! ha!)……


  2. Somewhere I believe there is a heaven. And in that place, I like to believe that ALL of the tile is centered as it should be, and there is no permanent tile grout scum stain covering the glass tiles.

    It’s what keeps me going.


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