Studio Shelf Day 4….or is it 5?…

….oh hell, I don’t know what day we’re on in the studio. All I know is were making progress.  Okay I don’t know where we left off….Oh by the way I’m working on yet another blog (this time it’s for work so no swear words). As such I’m going to shoot to write for both blogs on Tuesday’s and Thursdays. If something cool happens, it’ll have to wait although I reserve the right to post up here, more than just Tuesday and Thursday, if the mood strikes or the bees do something cool. My hope is that this consolidates my writing time, makes things more consistent and better quality, blah, blah, blah….

Alright back to the studio. Well when we left off I was going to pay the painter guy to paint the shelves and studio walls. Well turns out we’re broke, at least for the next few weeks, and with Christmas approaching, I needed to take matters into my own hands. I cancelled the painter and went out to Sherwin Williams and bought about $180 worth of supplies to paint my studio. I chose Whole Wheat SW6121 from our Global Spice color palate, for the walls. The shelves will be painted Carboard SW6124 giving us the “tone on tone” look we adore so much. In fact both colors are off the same color card, three spaces apart. A happy coincidence since I was picking from the Global Spice chart which doesn’t indicate which colors are actually tones of each other. By the way, picking colors from the same card is awesome, especially in rooms that get some day light. During the day everything will look the same color from certain angles. Then at night the room takes on a ton of dimension with darker and lighter tones visually playing with each other. We did this trick in our old house with four!!! colors from one card in the kitchen, dinette, family room and fireplace. It was subtle but I found it delightful every time I laid on the couch with a beer and watched Cops.

Note, all the paint I’m using is Sherwin Williams’ top of the line Emerald paint, which up until a minute ago I thought was low or zero VOC paint…I’m not convinced it is. Oh well, we’ll survive.  SW does have Harmony zero VOC paint. Who knows what in the hell I am doing over here. Maybe I’ll go cut some more trees down and step on baby squirrels…

Well since I’m doing the studio myself, I started out caulking most of the joints on all the cabinets. I used a simple white paintable DAP Alex brand painter’s caulk from Lowes.

I hate caulking.

Plus I totally suck at it.

It requires patience and I have zero patience. I’m pretty much a ‘cut to the chase‘ kind of guy. Caulking is anything but ‘cut to the chase’. With caulk there is no chase. Just more joints to be caulked. Caulking makes cutting blue foam seem romantic and adventurous.

So of course I plastered caulk all over the place and gummed up my hands and ruined a bunch of rags. I guess you’re supposed to wet your fingers before you squish the caulk into the corners, and you should use a wet rag to clean up the excess.  Ugh, I would rather crawl under my deck, or listen to Taylor Swift go through her “pro vs. con” list of ex-boyfriends than clean up my caulk mess with a wet rag. They need to make sand able caulk for guys like me.

A day after the caulk was dry I primed all the cabinets with a zero-VOC primer from Sherwin Williams. I used exactly one gallon. It took me about a day. I used a brush and a roller. Now everything looks white.

I was humming along and now suddenly I got two new projects that are both due in 2 days (my life) so now I put the brakes on finishing the studio. Probably won’t get back to it until next week at the earliest. I think the gods are messing with me, exchanging one form of satisfaction for another. Oh well, doing the studio myself save me a grand and there’s no guarantee I’d have steady work this week or next. It will get done soon enough.  Here are tonight’s pics.  Check out Christine’s awesome Jeep cake she made for our guy’s birthday.

3 thoughts on “Studio Shelf Day 4….or is it 5?…

  1. fyi, noticed a Sherwin-Williams flyer in Sunday’s paper – 4 Day Super Sale November 8-11, 40% off paints and stains, should you need more.


    • Thanks. I thought about waiting for a sale ’cause I’m always getting their email coupons, but I really wanted to get my studio done ASAP. I did have a $10 off coupon and the sale man took of like another 15% loyal customer discount or whatnot so I did save a few dollars. Maybe I’ll talk to the wife and we can pick up paint for the laundry room or our other bedroom.


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