December Snow Day

Not much going on here. It’s been snowing all day, and the land is beautiful with its coat of white fluffy icing. We found the time to tour the nature trail with the sled and go down and get the mail, which is always fun with the sled in the snow on our long driveway. Coming in with wet boots and jackets reminds me, I need to finish the bench in my studio.  Entering through the front door means that area is a mess…better to come in through the studio with its cement floor and sprawl out cold weather gear in there.  Hooks need to be sourced and hung as well as a few other details we never finished.  It’s a never-ending list.

We passed the bee hive, and wondered aloud how they might be doing in there. And also started talking about next year’s order of another hive worth of bees.  Once Christmas is over I won’t be able to wait for spring.  I hate January and February….and March.

Front of house. "Winter" December, 2013.

Front of house. “Winter” December, 2013.

Meadow dusted with today's snow.

Meadow dusted with today’s snow.

Inside the coat rack is done. It looks good.

Coat rack mounted to 1x8 board. I used 2" SPAX deck screws and painted them bronze.

Coat rack mounted to 1×8 board. I used 2″ SPAX deck screws and painted them bronze.

Beyond that I’ve been basically hibernating. It’s difficult to stay motivated this time of year, with it getting so dark so early each day. I’ve lost some of my holiday zest but will hopefully rally in the closing weeks with renewed spirits.

We’ve given up on keeping the cats separated, or at least we have a more lenient policy – our oldest cat stays in the master suite most of the day and the other two cats have the run of the place. Other than the occasional hissing fit all has been well.  Once we get to the six-week mark, and are worm free I’ll take the last barrier down and they can wrestle for supremacy.

4 thoughts on “December Snow Day

  1. Front of house looks like a postcard… very pretty…With regards to the kitties… We had a resident cat Fluff with us for 19 years.. When Fluff was about 15 we inherited a foster cat (that stayed until the day he died) Mikey who walked in and took over the house.. We also in the same time frame adopted “little girl” from son #3.. Little Girl weighed in at about 13# but neither she nor Fluff ever stood a chance with Mikey.. He ruled forever.. I will be interested to see how your kitties settle in… Should be fun and interesting…


  2. Daisy and Dixon are settling in. We spent some time trying to introduce Dix to Daphne….they didn’t kill each other but they didn’t make out either. I’m sure all will be fine…or at least it’s not at the top of my worry list.


  3. this is lowercase pat (who is also a ‘pat s.’ – too funny!)…anyhoo, the snow is beautiful – we Georgians sometimes see the stuff but not so far this year. glad the kitties are doing well – wouldn’t be surprised if Daphne nurtures the youngsters in time…has been known to happen!


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