Mouse Odyssey Update

So far it looks like the mice are gone from the car. I do believe we had another one (in addition to the one we caught and released), because the trap was triggered on at least two more occasions along with missing peanut butter and mouse droppings. But the last four days have not shown any new droppings. We did take the car on the road quite a bit the last few days, so there’s hopefully a good chance the mouse got “lost” along the way.  I now do not think we’ll have to sell / trade in the RAV4 to any unsuspecting car dealer or buyer in order to offload the mouse occupant.  This is good, because while this is not beneath us to do, it is kind of dishonorable; at least amongst people who have never lived with a mouse in their car. To the rest of us, it is a completely viable option for mouse removal.


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