Wow, People Hate Animals

Alright, there’s not much going on at the ranch. We’re trying to clean out the basement so I thought I’d try my hand at selling stuff on ebay. I probably won’t make any real money but the fisherman in me loves watching the ebay sale listings I’ve posted and see how many “looks”, “watches” and bids I get. Nibble, nibble, nibble. And all the better if I can get rid of some stuff. I hate to throw it out and finding a home for it all can be tough / time consuming.

I have had plenty of free time lately to read, think about the world and watch cat videos. With nothing house wise to talk about, here are two items in the news and my thoughts. I know, I know, like you care what I have to say….but it’s my soapbox. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Topic: ‘Blackfish’

This is the documentary that came out last year on CNN and it’s replaying tonight. I HAVE NOT SEEN IT, but I read all about it on Twitter, CNN, etc. and I basically understand the gist of it: it’s bad to keep orcas in captivity for entertainment. I’m DVR-ing it at 11.

My take: We love Sea World. We hate that they closed our Sea World here in Ohio because we won’t be able to take our kids. You go see an otter show, get a snow cone, come home with a stuffed Shamu under your arm as you fall asleep in the car. That being said I have no idea how they take care of their animals in captivity. I do believe that animals should be studied so we can understand them, and ultimately assure their survival in a world made hazardous by mankind’s industry. Plus animals have so much to teach us and can help us. Here’s a great opinion piece that talks about what the documentary didn’t mention, and I agree. I’m a fan of the Monterary Bay aquarium because of their work with sustainable sea food, and of course I enjoy visiting aquariums in various cities in which I live or visit. I’m okay with keeping various animals in captivity in a manner that is as humane as possible. Animals that can’t be kept this way and treated with dignity and compassion probably should be left in the wild. Orcas? Dolphins? Way too big to keep in captivity for entertainment purposes. Those animals need to roam free. Sea World should rebrand itself as the premier source for marine research, public / private education and preservation.  They can keep the humane entertainment things like water skiing and stuffed animals if need be.

Copenhagen Zoo

I don’t get this story. Apparently the Copenhagen Zoo (a city I adore by the way) whacked an adult giraffe, cut it up and fed it to lions in front of school kids today because they didn’t want it anymore. They claim it was because of genetics, and they had too many, blah, blah, blah.

My take: This is just stupid. Yes, genetic diversity needs to be developed / maintained in the wild and captive zoos. I’m not a zoologist but I’m guessing if you’ve got a big ass giant mammal you no longer want, you can probably sell it off to someone, or even give it away. I don’t think in this one example this zoo was performing up to snuff. It’s not like they had too many unexpected kittens to take care of. It’s a giraffe, how do you not plan for a giraffe? And I don’t know what they were thinking performing the whole ordeal in front of kids. What kind of lesson is that. Capture animals, find out you don’t need them, kill animals. “Mom, are you gonna do that to kitty? me?”

I think zoos are a good thing. I think they should be free to operate in a manner that is humane and scientifically sound. I believe they help people appreciate animals they may never see in the wild and I believe they provide valuable research and knowledge that we would not get otherwise. Not to mention the good they do in preserving wild habitat.  But not all zoos are obviously up to the task of keeping animals in a manner that is congruent with a civilized and educated society. Keep zoos but have high international standards for humane treatment. We should spend our dollars on those high standard zoos, and of course work to preserve animals and their habitat in addition to supporting good zoos. I personally think our Cleveland Zoo is a good one; visit the next time you’re in town.

Ok – I’m tired so just these two brief topics tonight. I’ll leave you this gem to read on your own (click here). I don’t know what these corporate people are thinking sometimes, but apparently people hate people too.

Peace folks.

P.S. Yes! I know it’s ironic that in cleaning out my basement I found a deer pelt, deer antlers and a shark’s jaws from my collection that I’m selling. Am I a cold hearted animal killer or liberal tree hugger?  You never can tell. See Part II for more.

Note: I edited this the day after, and added a part 2 here.

8 thoughts on “Wow, People Hate Animals

  1. I haven’t seen Blackfish but another blogger, Angelle, wrote about it a while back. I’m honestly kind of afraid to watch it because I think it will be so incredibly upsetting (ugh, I’m a coward). After going on a safari I developed a kind of hatred for zoos… it just made me incredibly sad to think of those animals being locked up like that, having to eschew their instincts and live contrary to how they’re made. But I’ve sort of settled down from that and can appreciate them for the reasons you mentioned.
    I hadn’t seen the Copenhagen article you mentioned. Wow, that’s just a bad idea. Especially from a PR standpoint.


    • I don’t like when the bears n tigers pace back and forth. They probably should not be in zoos or at least for just short periods of time. But I think about things like lemurs who don’t have a huge Hollywood following and I think zoos can help them. Every year for my bday we go visit the lemurs at the zoo.


  2. bleeech, icky, phhtt – trying to get the taste of animal haters outta my mouth. in case you, too, need to counteract that particular toxin, here is an antidote i HIGHLY recommend: Homer’s Odyssey by Gwen Cooper. i devoured it in one sitting the other day since i couldn’t put it down. curl up asap with Mr. Goo and indulge – it is a MUST read for cat (and all animal) lovers.


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  4. Zoos make me sad. They always have. I’ve tried several times going with others with kids, and the kids love the zoo, but for as long as I can remember, all I can think about is how sad it is for the animals to be confined to such small spaces and not have the opportunity to live in their natural environment.


    • We enjoy visiting different zoos. I think there are pluses and minuses in the end I think they are necessary and a productive way to research and ultimately protect wild animals. There will come a time when seeing certain animals in a zoo will be our only option because they’ll be gone in the wild. Everything in balance and with a sense of humanity – I think it’s possible, and not wrong to breed and keep animals in captivity.


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