A Day (In The Life)

7:25am (EST) – My alarm clock wakes me up by licking my nose repeatedly.

8:05am – Roll out of bed, brush teeth, contacts in….”Bathe?….Meh“. Put on painting clothes: torn jeans and a denim long sleeve shirt.

8:12am – Stagger into dining room. Get hug (had to ask for one).

8:12:35am“Oh crap we forgot to do Kindergarten assessment appointment for James.” wife says. Look at notes and inform wife that assessment is on 28th. First disaster of the day averted.

8:22am – Fire up computer, check email. Answer work question. Turn on iTunes to listen to the song that’s running through my head since I woke up. Delete a bunch of useless emails. Start checking Facebook, eBay, Twitter, LinkeIn and WordPress. Spend five minutes looking at cool ads someone posted on FB. Start writing witty blog entry for today…

8:38am – Wife makes me coffee πŸ™‚

8:39am – “Are these sticks too long for the marshmallows?” wife asks. “No, just cut them in half.” I respond. Day’s second disaster averted. Continue rambling through internet.

8:45am – Wife interrupts me for 4th time this morning to inform me about random email coming my way. Business partner texts asking if I want to go for a beer tonight. Hello Thursday. Book ends in place, time to fill in the bits in between.

8:55am – kid asks where one particular matchbox car is. I look perplexed and go through yesterday’s mail instead.

8:59am – Finally, start painting really cool abstract painting in my studio.

10:03am – Finish first coat of paint on painting. Check emails, respond to blog comment. Hop in Rabbit to goto Library to post price tags on my art and decorate wife’s art display cases. Forgot to do this two weeks ago when I set the art up. Exhibition runs through end of month, so hey it’s not like I completely missed it.

10:12am – Drop off paper and cardboard for recycling. Planet saved for another day.

10:22am – Wife texts me that I forgot the paper and knife blades I was going to use to decorate her art display at the library. “Son of a….” U-turn and go back to house.

10:38am – Pick up decorations at the estate and head back towards library.

10:59am – Arrive at library, post up price tags, business cards and decorate display cased. Looks good.

11:21am – Park in Sherwin Williams parking lot. I need tape for my artwork, but not before wasting five minutes of my life looking at Twitter in the car. I “follow” various people, presumably aged anywhere from late teens to into their 60’s. One may or may not be a female adult film star.

11:58am – Get home and make myself lunch, a ham and salami sandwich with provolone and kale; Grey Poupon for a little Thursday lunch spicy goodness. Sit down and turn on Magnum P. I. If that isn’t one of the best 80’s shows, I’ll eat this keyboard. Tom Sellek kicks ass.

12:12pm – Lunch break is over. I DVR the rest of Magnum; I’ll find out later if the lady on the yacht really is his dead wife. My money says she is NOT his wife and Magnum goes back, depressed, to that short old guy with the accent. I spend the next fifteen minutes checking emails, and writing.

12:28pm – Start working on final prototype specs for a Jeep windshield bracket. No one wants to hire me to do product design so I’ve started my own company. God helps those who help themselves. I’ll be a millionaire before I’m 45…..or living in a cardboard box mumbling to myself. Either way I’m sure Dixon will still be waking me up at 6am.

12:39pm – Yell at kids to go in the family room and play for the seventieth time. I really need an office that is about 1,462 miles from my current residence.

1:30pm – Take a break after fixing a “circles drawn in the wrong place” mistake. Oh the trials of being a tortured designer. You couldn’t handle it. Twitter kills eight more minutes of my life. And I respond to a blog comment. Listening to the Lumineers and Avett Brothers for the hundred-fifty-thousandth time; thinking of blowing my brains out. Get up and get a toothpick from the kitchen instead.

1:40pm – Back to work.

1:43pm – Wife comes home, we get side tracked with Kindergarten acceptance letter (for kid, not wife). By the way, who would have thought Kindergarten selection would be so stressful. But my thought it I’m going to “set it and forget it” – also the first nine years of school is the most impressionable. You’re only in college for four years and by then the world pretty much knows if you’re an ass or not by then.

2:34pm – Agent calls and we discuss insurance for new offroad accessory business. I’m getting good at explaining our business plan and needs. Even I’m starting to be convinced. Scary.

2:58pm – My 5-year-old kid shows me a speaker that he’s making from a bowl, duct tape and wires. It’s not done but it looks like it’ll work to me. I pat him on the head and secretly think about how more advanced he is than I was at that age. In fact he’s more advanced than I am at forty. He should be fixing my “circles drawn in the wrong place” mistake. I go make coffee and eat a Valentine’s Day marshmallow snack the wife is making for school tomorrow.

3:18pm – Back to work. (I pinky swear this time.)

3:36pm – Send specs off to company president for approval. Switch gears and start looking at children’s book adventure.

4:07pm – I’m down with illustrating and helping to write some kid’s books. What’s the worst that can happen. I’ve already twisted my two kids view of the world. Why not a few more. Google “how to make a book”.

4:20pm – Pinterest kidnaps ten minutes of my life. Checking eBay, I’ve got three bids on my taxidermy shark jaws: up to $7.49

5:25pm – Done with dinner, a brilliant roast / stew thing of some sort the wife made in the crock pot. She’s quite the cook, and she takes care of the kids so win-win. I finished watching ‘Magnum P. I.’ Turns out the lady WAS his wife from Vietnam but then it ended with “to be continued” which is catastrophic when you’re watching a show from 1981 on some random channel. I had DVR’d it so I have no idea when the continuation is airing. Satan works in mysterious ways. Wife and kids goto Lego night. I plan on getting some more work done.

5:44pm – Parents-in-law call and need help. Hop in Rabbit. Brrr.

7:30pm – Done helping in-laws. Head to tavern to have a few brews with close friends I haven’t seen in ages. It is good to visit friends. In the war zone that is life, friends are absolute. Or is it beer that is absolute?

11:00pm – Get home and read that a fellow bloggers (that I don’t actually know them, just read their blog) had to put their beloved 2-1/2 year old cat to sleep. Puss, the cat I’m writing of, looks like the spitting image of my best furry friend Dixon. Dixon welcomes me home as I sit at my computer by hopping on my lap. Here I have this fuzzy little companion, and out there some family is sad because they lost their little guy.

11:35pm – I goto bed but not without reflecting on the day. Just another day. A Thursday. Tomorrow is a Friday. I take my contacts out and brush my teeth. Did I win or lose today? I don’t know. I know the day was extraordinary. If we look closely enough, they all are really. If you let it get the best of you it’ll break you. But if you operate like a robot it’ll break you harder down the road. Of this I am sure. We start out here, and we end there. No way around it. And in between is a lot of wonder, awe, hope, desperation, tragedy and love. Embrace it. Be willing to not always play by the rules or norms that handcuff us and lead to regret. What’s the worst that can happen? So I take Mr. Goo under my arm and retire for the night. Tomorrow is another day. The first of all the rest. And with a little luck we’ll all be headed towards where we want to go.

3 thoughts on “A Day (In The Life)

  1. so sad re: other kitty – and BEYOND okay to shed a tear. i still cry nearly every day over the loss of MY beloved tuxedo, Cooper. slept in the bend of my knees or up against my back every night and would wake me by creeping up and patting a velvet paw ever so gently against my face. that is how i KNEW something was terribly wrong the morning he was already downstairs ahead of me. i was the one who discovered him expired on the kitchen floor – no sickness (had just had a clean checkup a month before) and no sign of a struggle, so i cling to our vet’s explanation of a quick thrombotic event of some sort. i loved that cat like nobody’s business so you can imagine i fell complety apart right there on the spot. haven’t been the same since. soooo, take every moment to worship and adore your furry family members, people! it is an unfortunate given that chances are, we will outlive THEM.
    PS…btw, an Icepocalypse update: we had a friggin’ 4.4 EARTHQUAKE last night at 10:20 p.m. on top of the ice storm ‘of historic proportions’ – epicenter was 20 miles from here. crazy,crazy goings on! newspaper headline today read ‘first the shivers, then the shakes’ yuk, yuk. power which was out since Wednesday was JUST restored today (Saturday). hood still looks like a war zone – so many old, old oaks and magnolias now toast. at least nobody was seriously hurt; just had to endure some sustained discomfort (like icicles dangling from my gnarly bits!). have found that after three days, fish AND people start to stink! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks for sharing Cooper’s story. I guess regrettably its something we all go thru. I’m glad that their lives are so enriching to us, and the pain when they go us but a reflection of the joy. God willing I outlive Dix but will be sad when he goes. Hopefully it won’t be for a really long time….although if he keeps waking me up at 6am on Saturdays his days may be numbered. πŸ˜‰


      • you are welcome and thank YOU for the opportunity. Cooper found us as an abandoned adult cat – certainly neglected his entire life, and judging by the amount of time it took for me to gain his trust, probably abused, too. i feel sure i was the only person on the planet with whom he felt safe and loved. i was his whole world; he meant the world to me.
        PS re: Dixon – lol! get that boy a calendar!


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