This Rug in Studio: Yea or Nay

We need to know if this rug looks good or not in the wife’s studio, as soon as possibly preferably. (Don’t worry if we don’t like rug it was free and will go in the basement if we don’t use it in the studio).

studio rug 1 studio rug 2 studio rug 3

7 thoughts on “This Rug in Studio: Yea or Nay

  1. I’m not a decorator but I always just do it if I like it.. If Christine likes it then it should stay. What everyone else thinks or their opinion is ok but shouldn’t affect her decision. Of course it took me quite a number of years to get to the point of thinking this way.


    • Agree on the size, it’s a huge rug. We got it for free and I also agree it doesn’t really match or go with the rest of the room, esp. the birch colored tops on the cabinets and IKEA furniture.


    • It was just sitting in the basement so we thought we’d give it a try. It reduced the echo in the room and the thumping of the herd of elephants that live upstairs (aka my boys); whom I have to listen to in my studio directly below.


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