Today was a great day. We (or at least I) consciously set out to make it a normal day. The clock change meant that by the clock Dixon woke me up an hour later. I begrudgingly stumbled out of bed and rambled down in the Toyota to get the newspaper. One of the only things I don’t like about the new place – you have to drive to get to the end of the driveway and pick up the paper (or take out the trash). When it’s 12 degrees and there’s ice on the car it’s a royal pain.

By time I got back everyone was up so we indulged in our Sunday ritual; this week the Sunday paper and CBS Sunday Morning was accompanied by donuts; a rare treat. As my favorite lifestyle news show wrapped up around 10:30am I made the decision that we were going to finally get some use out of the sleds santa had brought ten weeks prior. We all got bundled up and headed out to the national park. It was actually pretty warm, at around thirty degrees. When we got to the park, no one was there but the sled hill looked decent: a mix of snow grass and ice. I wasn’t deterred so I ushered the family out of the car and grabbed the sleds.

The boys had a blast.

It was their first time sledding for real, ever.

It was so nice to have the whole place to ourselves. I guess everyone else is done with winter, and the snow conditions weren’t up to pro-sled standards. Didn’t matter to us: we loved it.

It was a incredibly nice day with the family sledding.

It was an incredibly nice day with the family sledding.

Back at home the family went inside. I took a moment to address the growing pond in the front yard. The pipe under the driveway must have been clogged so I grabbed a hoe and poked around. Long story short, the ten inch diameter pipe is frozen up, presumably a clog exist, created by a mix of snow, ice and plant debris. The pond crested the drive a little bit. I think if we get a few warm days the blockage will melt.

There's a small pond forming in the front yard.

Waterfront property: there’s a small pond forming in the front yard.

Our youngest had spied a sock puppet making kit in my studio before we went sledding so I assumed after lunch the boys would want to make puppets. Turns out the “Spring forward” clock change made him more inclined to take a nap.

So our older guy and I went back to our “plan A” that we’d talked about the day before: taking apart the speakers I was going to recycle. We cleared off the table in my studio and went about trying to take them apart. It was very easy or successful an endeavor. The speakers weren’t designed to be taken apart. We got a couple of choice parts off but that was it.

We decided to go browse the basement to see if we could come up with anything to take apart. I found an old VCR my parents gave us years ago. I’m not even sure we ever used it and it was one of several that likely lurk in the basement. With a gleam in a little five-year old’s eye we took it up to the studio.

It was a lot easier to take apart; there were little gold, black and silver screws everywhere.

The inside of the VCR

The inside of the VCR

I'm amazed by whomever figures this stuff out.

I’m amazed by whomever figures this stuff out.

The screen from the VCR is pretty cool and retro.

The screen from the VCR is pretty cool and retro.

Our big little guy loved taking the VCR apart and looking at all the circuit boards. He spent the rest of the afternoon turning the parts into a sculpture and new inventions. The best use of a VCR that I can think of.

The only work related thing I did today is writing this entry you are reading on my diary like blog. It was good to take a day off from all the worries of real life. To act like a normal family, without a care in the world. Act like normal people do, even if it was just for one day. I think most people take it for granted. I know I did. But I have a whole new appreciation for not having to worry. To just live a normal life. If you want to be rich, that’s what it means. To be able to randomly live and not really have a care in the world. Today I forced myself not to have a care in the world. It was fun.

I’m hoping we get just a little bit more snow at some point. Would be nice to go sledding one more time this season. In the meantime it was nice to get one day of play in, just like before.

VCR button on tricycle.

VCR button on tricycle.

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