Welcoming Spring

I wish I had a “springy” picture for the blog header. I’ll have to hunt around for one. I can’t take a new one because outside is still a “50 Shades Of Brown” wonderland.

I spent half of yesterday at the hospital keeping a relative company while he was being transferred to another hospital. I just wanted to say that I have a lot of respect for the good nurses and other people who take care of patients. I know it’s their job but the good ones are understanding, helpful and patient. And I know there are examples of these helpers that aren’t so good; so it important to give praise to those who take pride in their job. A shout out to the hospital support staff that does much of the heavy lifting to help us out when we’re having a bad day – anyone who’s in a hospital is having a bad day cause they are sick, injured or dying. Thanks to all nurses, orderlies (is that right?), cleaning people, the students, ambulance drivers, etc. that do their thankless job with a smile and genuine compassion. I could never do it myself.

The other half of my day was wasted spending time with my family. Ugh. Don’t these people know I’m supposed to be trying to make money. I’m kidding.

By time everyone got home it was around three in the afternoon. We went for a walk down the driveway to get the mail. I really like that our house is so far off the road because we can have a nice walk along the drive, feeling like we’re going somewhere, without really leaving the property. And we’re not surrounded by houses everywhere, nor rushing cars. I like to imagine this is what it’s like or was like living in the country a long time ago.

The wind was crazy yesterday, which was the only disconcerting part. I kept thinking one of the old cherry trees was going to fall over and squish us. So the walk back to the house was a little faster.

With the warm sun out, the boys took all their toys and spread them on the yard. We practiced baseball and golf then they went about their business being little boys playing in the gravel, mud and snow melt puddles. I finally took the Christmas lights down from the trees in the front yard.

I dug around in the garage and came up with clippers, and a mouse eaten bag of wild flower seeds. I cast the seeds along the path to the bee hive; checking to see all our bees flying around enjoying the warm sunny day as well. Surprisingly many of the bees were loaded with pollen as they returned to the hive. Where they were getting it from I have no idea, but I took it as a good sign of Spring.

Heading back to the house I started examining the choke and service berry bushes. I used my clippers to cut off any damaged branches. I noticed the service berry bushes are about ready to leaf out, so regardless of the weather, the plants are ready for Spring. I cut back the red twig dogwoods a little here and there too, though with all the little dormant buds I felt bad cutting too much. Maybe I’ll just wait for Fall and cut them back so they aren’t so leggy.

I stuffed some bird netting around the three rodent damaged apple tree trunks. Unfortunately based on the damage there’s a good chance I’ll lose all three and have to start all over again. Same for the several of the NJ tea plants. It’s really discouraging because I’m overwhelmed enough as it is. But luckily the other apples look good and their leathery fuzzy leaves look ready to emerge any day now.

We wrapped up the afternoon with the boys playing with their beach toys in the giant driveway puddles, and riding their bikes as well. The wife set down a folding chair and watched. I, never able to sit still for a second, went and straighten up the bird house in the east meadow. I also spied the fir-tree sapling I planted a year or two ago. Still alive, though not getting big very fast. I looked at a few other tree stakes where I’d planted saplings and it doesn’t look like any of the tulip, or other baby trees I planted ever took hold. Another disappointment. On the other hand the two live Christmas trees are looking good and alive.

Things are drying out. As I’ve said in past posts, we have a lot of chores on our list this Spring. But I am looking forward to them. It’s a bit daunting but one day at a time. We’ll get the garage cleaned out and start our seedling sun flowers this weekend if the weather cooperates. I was even eyeing my Jeep; longing to push it out of the garage and get it cleaned up.

It’s been a long Winter. Longer than we really deserved frankly. My sense of urgency only grows with each long, passing day. Even if nothing is green yet, I am glad Spring has finally arrived.

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