Worn Out Weekend – Outdoor Chores At The Ranch


I am tired.

Mentally, but more so I am physically worn out. This is more a function of the fact that I am completely and utterly out of shape after a long sedentary Winter. I purposefully took Saturday and Sunday off from doing design work (my day job), in order to start rolling on outdoor projects now that the warm weather is here. It was in the 70’s both days temperature wise.

I’m wearing shorts for the first time all year. If it wasn’t so windy we probably could have, should have, opened the window to air this joint out.

Saturday we cleaned out and started organizing the garage. It felt really good to do that; getting all the mouse droppings out, consolidating all the left over building materials (from building the house two years ago) and creating big “give away” and “throw away” piles. We have specific areas set up in the garage for various tasks. A large area for my “shop” and gardening, the several storage spaces.

Garage Storage – Gladiator Rail System

Sunday we went to Lowe’s and picked up some Spring chore supplies. We bought metal brackets to reuse some old bi-fold door panels into shelves for the garage. I also splurged picked up 12′ worth of Gladiator brand garage organizing track and accessories. I’m tired of tripping over shovels, rakes and trimmers. I looked at all three systems our Lowe’s had and chose Gladiator based on price, accessories available and ease of use. The Rubbermaid system was overwrought with latches that really were a waste of plastic – you don’t adjust the accessories enough to warrant the complexity. The other system was the in-house Kobalt, which was pretty similar to the Gladiator system. One other thing I liked about Gladiator was their cabinets hang off of their rail system which seems like a good idea. Lastly they offer a slat wall which would be cool down the road to install somewhere.

If we ever win the lottery we could easily spend around $10K-$20K remodeling the garage interior. But for now our mix of reusing materials and splurging on some key organization components should work well and not have us tripping over garden tools. Once I unload the big pile of give-aways, currently stationed in the middle of the garage, we’ll even be able to park two cars inside. We may even get crazy and install garage door openers.

Bee Hive Stand

Sunday we also picked up ten 12×12 cement pavers to use in the garden and under the third bee hive stand. The economical grey cement squares seem to work well providing a solid base for the hives. And in the veggie garden they give you a place to step and kneel when attending the plants.

Before I could put the hive stand out back, I had to make it. You probably don’t remember, but I made two stands last year, so as we ramp up to three this year I needed one more stand. I built it to be the triplet to the other two, using treated lumber I could find laying around.

Once the stand was built I set it aside and put on my bee suit. Grabbing the brush cutter I cleared out a square of space adjacent to the other hives. I leveled the swampy meadow ground and laid down a piece of black roofing paper. Upon that I set four cement squares and the hive stand. I need to get river gravel to put under and around the base but I can toss that in later (I forgot to get it today).

Elsewhere the wife started all the annual seeds in little peat pots. And she staked down all the fences around the various bushes to protect them from rodents and deer.

The boys enjoyed finding earthworms, riding bikes and doing whatever it is little boys do on warm Spring days outside.

I guess that’s it for today peeps. It felt good to get going on Spring outdoor chores.

Back to work tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Worn Out Weekend – Outdoor Chores At The Ranch

    • I do and don’t. I’m pretty sure I have a few wires loose so it’s difficult to say what I feel. It did feel good taking a Rabbit full of trash down to the street this frosty morning – getting rid of all the stuff we were tripping over in the garage. The cold and work put a damper on hanging up my shelves and nifty organizing track.

      I need the warm weather to come back.


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