A cute picture of rabbits kissing.

A cute picture of rabbits kissing.

Here’s a picture of baby rabbits kissing. Every night we have the freaking ‘Rabbit Show’ outside at dusk, with rabbits running everywhere doing god knows what to each other. The kids watch, the cats watch; occasionally I even gawk a little as they race back and forth. There are a lot of rabbits this year. My plants are doomed. I don’t even care.

Inside around 10pm the cats freak out and do everything in their power to make me lose my shit before I go to bed. Seriously, no one wants me to live past, say 44, around here I think. The cats hiss, chase each other, and Dixon tries to assert his masculine wiles on anything with four paws that will sit still for a second around here.

“Look dude, I’ve got hands and no tail, back off!”

Today was a great day spent with my boys, but all I did was bitch about not getting any work done. I’m tired of being mean and miserable but I really like living here so I guess that’s the trade-off. Since I was Mr. Mom today I took them with me to a work appointment at a metal shop, which I think they thought was cool, save for the fact that I Mother Hen’d them; limiting their exploration to the inside of the car.

We did go out to lunch which was nice. That’s the one thing: dad doesn’t do lunch at home. Primarily because we don’t actually have any food in our house – though I do believe we have yummy turkey to make a samich tomorrow. But who wants a turkey sandwich today when you can go get wings and a coke with dad.

After lunch we went back home and the roofing guy stopped by to fix the droopy snow rail which had been bothering the bejesus out of me for quite some time. With that off the list I can focus more attention upon my doors which bother the f*ck out of me – I doubt the dealer will ever tell me the parts are in to fix them. I’ll be the dude on the 6 o’clock news who snapped and beat his air tight doors in with a sledge-hammer. I can see daylight in the corners of my overly expensive Therma-Tru doors. So much rage. You know what, don’t even bother buying them (no one wants to help if something goes or was installed wrong) unless you need an OCD trigger every time you leave the freaking house.

I spread some mulch around some trees that needed it, while my kid dug for worms.

We capped off the day picking up provisions so my friend could make custom spring beer for us. Lavender and honey flavored pale ale. And no, not our honey. I had to go buy wildflower honey at the store because, while we have honey, we’re not going to extract it until late Spring.

Now I’m just old, angry and bitter. So I’ll stop here.

Enjoy the rabbit picture folks.

What’s running around your house?

If you could make your own beer for Spring, what flavors would you include?


10 thoughts on “Rabbits

  1. Aw, love the rabbits. My nieces and nephews discovered three baby rabbits on Easter, actually. I about had a panic attack as they just picked them up, carried them around and dropped one. I was the mean Aunt that day, ordering them to put them back and leave them alone. I like to imagine your yard with rabbits running all over the place. Sounds magical, haha.

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  2. Sorry dude, but I enjoyed this post. hahaha Every now and again it is good to bitch and entertain other OCDs out there. I saw the pics of the oh so cute bunnies, and then this post so went the other way. Loved it! BTW, hope they don’t off you by 44 and that you are having a better week.


    • Anymore, any post I write is four paragraphs of bitching and moaning before I say “ugh no one is gonna want to read this” and I erase it. I used to be so optimistic. Then I think when I lost my job and with all the money (sometimes) ups and (mostly) downs I’m like a caged animal. Plus I abhor working all the time or having to look for projects if I don’t have any it totally changed me. I’ve all but given up on art for example – point is, in a way I wish it was like the “old days” (of 2 years ago lol). The “new normal” takes some getting used to. One last point, when we had steady income it was nice cause if something was broken or we wanted it done we just did it or paid for it. Now I kinda look the other way which drives my self-diagnosed OCD / ADHD crazy: all these little things weighing on me.

      But there are many pluses to the new way – I spend a ton of time with my kids (both good and bad) and instead of “work” and “home” we’re essentially living life where everything is intertwined. It’s weird and hard to explain.


      • I am sorry. I was without a job for 5 months in 2012 and that was one of the worst experiences of my life!

        Not having a steady stream of income and dealing with what to do and how when things go come up is so not for the faint of heart. Extremely stressful and all those little things weighing on you adds up.

        I hope you don’t give up on art. Which writing is an art, and you have been doing that so you just switched gears for a little while. I couldn’t even bring myself to do that when I was looking for work, way too freaked out.

        As for the optimism, it comes back. It did for me. And the way you live your life, all the things you’ve got going on and growing on the home front, I have no doubts that the same is true for you.

        I ended up in a far better place because of what I went through. And there is no way on God’s green earth anyone could have convinced me of that while I was going through it. I didn’t see how that was possible, even tho my entire life I have always believed that “this” will take me to a better place when going through something. I hope the same happens for you.


      • Thanks for your words of support. Writing over the last 2-3 years has helped and I try to keep doing it in the name of a creative release.


  3. I have to say that the posts you write when something is bothering you/going wrong are the most entertaining to read. You are such a good writer and we can all relate to the problems you encounter. Don’t want to wish you any bad luck, but …. Anyway looking forward to hearing about your honey production and the peaches.


    • Thanks, that means a lot to me. Writing is a good release when life gets frustrating. Plus helps to reflect and shape my thoughts and feelings – it’s as much experimenting as it is reporting.


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