Mother’s Day

I was going to write something grand and epic for Mother’s Day, starting like this:

The world can be a pretty awful place. But it’s not nearly as bad as it would be if it weren’t for a mother’s love.


I don’t know what my plans were but I do know that at some point I looked at the woman who is now my wife and thought to myself, she will be a great mother.


See, we were together for sometime before we had kids. I guess no thought is worth a damn until it plays out. I couldn’t tell you if she thought she would be or not. I guess it’s not something that ever came up in conversation. I suspect like anything, when faced with an unknown variable, one could say there’s no proof until you see it,. No reason to practically think such things. But a life isn’t made of proofs, it’s crafted from the unknown.


When we were blessed with our boys, she took to it like a fish to water.


Her strength and love for her children leaves one in awe.


But I wrote these words last night and then I got tired. And I spent all day with the family, and walking the land this afternoon. And you know what, it doesn’t matter how I write in celebration of the mother that my wife has become; being grand about it may even miss the point. Life pretty much wears you down, but despite all the grinding, there she is being the best mom in the world to our kids.

She is the best mom.

I asked my kids.

They told me so.

I see no reason to argue.

She is everything to them. She does it all and they adore her rightfully so. There is a laundry list of things she does: cleans bathrooms, makes meals, acts as their chauffeur, fixes ’em up when they get hurt, is the chief snuggle buddy when they need a hug…does laundry…she gives every bit of her energy and heart openly to raising our children.

It’s a thankless job, save for seeing the joy on our kids’ faces when they are happy, and the comfort she provides when they are sad. On top of it all she works multiple jobs at all hours of the day and well into the night. (She’s working on her art as I write this, in fact. Tomorrow she’ll bake cookies before school. I’m tired just trying to keep track. She does this every day, of every week.)

She has built this home that we enjoy, with patience and a bottomless supply of energy. I don’t even think she sleeps at night. Maybe she’s a robot or something. All I know is that those kids, and me too, are lucky to have her. So Happy Mother’s Day to my wife. I don’t say it enough, but we appreciate the heck out of you.

We did spend much of the day outside, so here are today’s Spring pics to share. I love that our land has a ton of flowering trees. Today was peak I think in terms of flowers. It’s amazing to come up the drive, over the rise and “poof” see all the flowering trees. Presumably the seeds were carried by the wind from surrounding properties over the years. Like some sort of suburban landscaping fallout. The result is absolutely stunning. The photographs do it no justice. I think today, or the week of the bloom, is my favorite time of year on the property.  Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Your photos are absolutely lovely, every Spring is such a time of hope and rebirth no matter how crappy the previous year was. What type of apple trees do you have? And is that a Japanese maple? I live on an acreage on the Prairies in Canada and we have two apple trees, a Battleford apple and a Sparkle apple that have been producing very well and filling our stomachs and freezers. We also have a Sour Cherry tree that is surprisingly not so sour and is just starting to produce fruit after five years. (Yeah, the birds love them too!) We have some Haskamp berry trees (shrubs??) on order that will be arriving soon from the nursery and I am so anxious to see how they will do. Our winter has been long but until my trees bloom, I will enjoy your beautiful flowers vicariously. Do you also plant a vegetable garden? If so what sort of things do you plant? I’m hoping to get some vegetable seed in the ground soon. Anyway, sorry to ramble but just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog.


    • We have Fuji, Gala and Yellow / Golden Delicious apple trees, though with our microclimate they haven’t bloomed yet; they’re just little guys. The wild crabapples have all bloomed, as has the orchard a few miles away, so not sure what’s up with our apples.

      Many of our plants got hit hard during the last year so they’re not looking too good this Spring. The service and choke berries look good but raspberries and blackberries look dreadful. As do the Roses, New Jersey Tea (hit hard by the rabbits) and others look bad.

      We’ll do our veggies later this week hopefully, usually tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers.

      I planted a couple packets of sunflowers too so we’ll see.

      Thanks for checking out my blog and reading. I love everything I’ve seen and read about the Canadian parries. Best of luck with your garden this year.


      • Our raspberries well as some of our evergreens were decimated by deer this winter but as we are kind of living on their land I guess they are entitled. I was out yesterday checking out the wild the Chokecherry trees and Service berries (I think they may be what we call Saskatoon berries). Last year they were both hit pretty bad by some sort of worm. That really cut into my Chokecherry picking and consequently reduced my “Juice” production which is actually a nifty concoction of whole chokecherries and sugar steeped in vodka and left to marinate for about a month before you strain the berries out and then enjoy the liquor. Waaay better than jelly and not so much work!


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