So for my…our…latest bit of insanity I present to you: tadpoles.

I think it was Saturday. We were doing work, play or whatever in the yard. The weather was nice. I headed inside at some point to do something. A second later I could hear yelling from outside. The spousal unit was calling my name.

Gheez. Maybe someone was hurt. No one ever calls for me.

So I ran outside, yelling to find out where everyone was at, and turns out they were down by the driveway.

“Hey are these tadpoles?” She called out to me.

I walked down as the family stared down into a puddle in the driveway

Sure enough it was full of tadpoles.

There’s one really big puddle that forms in the driveway whenever it rains. I usually splash through it when pulling up the drive. And here some frog decided this was the best place to lay her eggs.

Well being the lunatic that I am, I can’t very well just leave nature to chance. After all, mankind has done it’s fair share intervening into nature’s business in an effort to kill of frogs and other amphibians. The least I can do is step in to help them out.

So we’ve been watering our limestone puddle twice a day for the last three days. Yesterday, Father’s Day, I was watering the puddle and decided the tadpoles might enjoy some shade from the brutal sun. So I pulled some grass and leaves, dropping them in the water to create some shady “habitat”. I don’t know what tadpoles eat, but maybe they’d eat the leaves or whatever. ‘Cause otherwise the puddle is just limestone and some bugs.

Well turns out today that the birds figured out our little secret. The wife says seemingly most of the little swimmers have been eaten by song birds. I didn’t have the heart to go look.

It’s sad I guess, but I’ve gotten use to the futility of my good intentions and effort in this world.

I’ll check tomorrow and keep watering as long as I can see tadpoles. We thought about putting bird netting down, but I’ll let nature takes its course (mostly cause even my insanity is trumped by laziness, and only so many hours in the day.

I wish we had a little vernal pond by the driveway. I’d like to dig a deep hole that will hold water through the dry season for frogs. Someday.

Elsewhere I planted more veggies in the garden. We lost some pepper plants to bunnies, but the family bought me replacements for Father’s Day. The holiday allowed me the opportunity to get out and play golf with my dad. I hadn’t touched my clubs in two years. It was very enjoyable. Also on Father’s Day, while filling out my card to my dad, my eye caught something moving outside in the early dawn: a skunk!  A fluffy skunk waddled by; I ran outside and tried to snag a photo to share with you all.

I love the variety of animals we get out here. It’s like living in paradise really.

Here are some flowers and other pics for you to enjoy.  Enjoy these last days of Spring peeps.


3 thoughts on “Tadpoles

  1. Kinda funny, I’d water the tadpole hole too. I can’t stomach the course nature takes so I stick with domesticated cats. hahaha Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • As of yesterday there supposedly are still tadpoles in the puddle and we had rain last night. Though I saw our four resident crows hunting around the puddle when I got home in the evening yesterday.

      I’m always on the fence with helping nature but figure mankind has screwed it up enough that it doesn’t hurt if I help a little. It’s not like I’m feeding a bear Cheetos.


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