Honey From Caps

We processed the honey from the cut off comb caps, as well as the rest that was in the bucket that we didn’t bottle at the end of last week. Six more 8oz. bottles! Bringing the total close to 30 large bottles and 20 small ones. Not too bad.

Draining the honey from the uncapping tank.

Draining the honey from the uncapping tank.

Once most of the honey dripped out of the capping, I then washed the wax cappings in cold water, rinsing them repeatedly until the water was “clear” for the most part – meaning any residual honey was gone from the wax. This is how much wax we got from the cappings (and other wax bits we collected during the year):

Washed wax ready for processing.

Washed wax ready for processing.

Next we’ll melt the wax down in a double boiler and pour the wax into a muffin mold. I went to Walmart to look for a cheap boiler but didn’t find anything, so I’ll order one online for $10-$20.  I could also make a solar melter, but for now I’m fine with the ease of using a stove top boiler.

We’ll be making lip balm with the wax and eventually I’d like to make candles.

P.S. The bees did an awesome job cleaning up the extractor and honey laden bins. All I had to do was hose them off and wash them down with some soap and water. I did not lay the extractor down at a great enough angle though and we did lose a couple dozen bees to drowning (in honey residue).

8 thoughts on “Honey From Caps

    • I found the process to be enjoyable. I can’t wait to check the hives and see if there are more frames to extract. We need more bottles though AND I have to figure out where / how to sell the honey because I can’t have a house full of honey. I’m addicted to the orderly process of it all. 🙂


    • Most commercial honey has zero nutrition or beneficial qualities because it’s watered down, processed crap from China. Always buy local honey.

      Glad you enjoy it. It’s great for adding sweetness when cooking, or eating it raw like you do. We even use it when making beer.


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