Fireflies & My First Garage Sale Find

For the first time ever with the boys we went hunting for fireflies last night. I think prime firefly season may have passed but there were enough of them dancing along the driveway to chase after on a warm summer evening as the sun set. We caught two fireflies, one for each. It was too dark to take any photos but a good time was had by all.


royalty free photo from

royalty free photo from

Today we went to an art show as patrons. Between the show and where we parked there was a garage sale. Actually earlier this morning we were going to a flea market but it was inexplicably not happening today because of another event at the fair grounds, where the flea market is usually held. Since I was gipped out of my flea market indulgence, I decided to stop at the garage sale.

Did I need anything?

Absolutely not.

Can I afford anything?


Did I come home with something?

You betcha!


I don’t know where I’ll hang these two “antique” rusted old-looking stars, but I thought they were a steal at $5 apiece (it was in a ritzy suburb). The wife was going to buy be a similar sized star made of license plates for $50 at the art show for my birthday. For whatever reason I’ve always wanted a metal star for our home decor. Whatever you say, I like ’em. And I like the fact that I finally bought something at a garage sale. I’m happy and the lady who sold them is hopefully happy. Buying something at a garage sale is the “living” part of life. I highly recommend you do the same to raise your spirit a notch.

Incidentally, we were going to the flea market because I wanted to scope it out. It’s a local market that happens every weekend through October I think. I’m going to load up the trailer and attend in the next month or two as a seller. My hope is to unload a lot of  the stuff we have in the basement (and garage) to help de-clutter the place. Also in anticipation of taking on a basement project before the kids move out (in a few years) and / or I die (any day now at the rate I’m going).

Here’s a photo of Daisy watching a baby bunny intently. Oh how she wants to catch a bunny.

Daisy watched this baby bunny for 20 mins.

Daisy watched this baby bunny for 20 mins.

I’m sadden by the fact that the “spooky” cherry tree in the front yard has degraded even further. It was the perfect Halloween tree but now one of its scary limbs had fallen down. I’m keeping a super close eye it, because eventually the whole tree will have to come down. It died as a result of the cistern installation two years ago.

It makes me sad anytime we lose a tree, even the cool looking dead trees. And we’ve lost or are losing several since we moved in.

The "spooky" cherry tree was going to be perfect for the Halloween party we never got to throw. I want to hang a skeleton from it.

The “spooky” cherry tree was going to be perfect for the Halloween party we never got to throw. I want to hang a skeleton from it.


Here’s photo of the front yard. It looks great and I’ve only every fertilized it one time, and I used organic fertilizer. It’s filling in nicely and looks great when it’s cut. No it’s not the “Stepford Wives” perfect suburban grass but the upkeep is virtually $0 and is green throughout the summer.


Here’s a butterfly photo, ’cause who doesn’t like a butterfly photo.


It’s a beautiful summer weekend. Hoping yours is filled with love, happiness, and better than average food and drink. Stay safe people.

3 thoughts on “Fireflies & My First Garage Sale Find

  1. Wow, what a great post guy…and what an absolutely beautiful world you live around, and you see. Thanks for sharing that… just so inspiring. You are another kindred person, as I’m finding is becoming kind of common in this blogosphere I’m still new at. Also I was raised by a garage sale champion, hee I sure hope you go to more.. they are the real deals, and you can haggle at those to. I’m very much enjoying this perspective so please go with that anytime. Your exuberence is very endearing and your work is touching. And Have a great weekend yourself too.


  2. Reblogged this on Beginning Life at 43 and commented:
    Wow.. this is SUCH a great post I’m so pleased to share it with my wonderful group. I hope you will appreciate such beauty and wonder and joy at the really important things in life. Because this is it… he’s gets it. Its so inspiring and I’m so grateful to get to share it.. and share it again! Enjoy!!


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