Sharing My Art – Day #3

Day #3 of this artist chain mail challenge

“Post three of your works for five days and nominate another person to do the same.”

The Stripe Paintings – what happens when you sit in front of the TV tracing out 1/4″ lines on a blank canvas, and then cover it all up with acrylic paint? These awesome stripe paintings of course. I’m not sure what got me started doing these but I’d never seen anything like them before. Oftentimes people think they are tape, wood or old magazines but alas they’re just paint. That being said, I’d love to experiment with creating wood and paper versions someday. Since I started making them I have seen wood versions on Etsy and Pinterest, so there’s something there.

These are probably my favorite paintings to do because I never know what they’ll look like until they are done. I limit myself to certain colors and use a palette knife to apply the paint. They are very textural. Often times there will be a painting underneath them that never got to see the light of day. Stripe paintings are a good, therapeutic way to cover up bad art.

They have not found much success commercially, but I think they’re awesome. Here are three of my favorites.

#1 – “Stripe #5″ – 2013 48″ x 72” (This huge painting lives in our foyer. It’s likely my favorite piece I’ve ever done)
#2 – “Strip #6″ – March 2014 36″ x 36” (Sits in storage in my studio. Another favorite of mine)
#3 – “Rainforest” – May 2009 ~16″ x ~20″ (one of my earliest stripe paintings)

Stripe #5

Stripe #5

Stripes #6

Stripes #6



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