Just Say No To XL


imagesI encourage all of my American readers to let the President of the United States know that we support his veto of the Keystone XL pipeline legislation.

The pipeline will create only a relative handful of permanent jobs. The environmental impact of the increase use of fossil fuels from the pipeline will further contribute to the devastation of our climate resulting in higher health, insurance and resource costs, paid for by you and me. The long term costs far outweigh any benefit being shopped around the floors of Congress and in the boardrooms of Big Energy.

Tell Canada and the upper midwest to refine and use the oil locally if need be.

Take the time to educate yourselves as citizens and voters. Because politicians in the Senate, such as Rob Portman R-OH, and House do not support you or your family’s best long term interests.

Common sense tells you this is not about jobs or energy independence. Please support the president’s veto.


Petition you can sign here: Nexgen Climate

Article on climate deniers and climate change from Democracy Now!

Bloomburg article on oil prices effect on tar sand oil.

The insurance industry is keeping a close eye on climate change.

Article on the cost of climate change

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